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   In 2020 a quarter of Chinas overall economy worst hit by SARS appeared depth weak first quarter GDP fell 6.8%, as the troika pulling the economy: exports and domestic sales, there has been a significant decline in real estate are conducted to the manufacturing inventory squashed, the overall economic environment is more severe. Residents at the consumer level, due to the uncertainty of the late epidemic, coupled with corporate downsizing from time to time pay cut, close of business information disclosure, the residents a sense of security about the future decline, from the data perspective, reducing disposable income, savings began to increase and enhance ability to resist risks.

   us through surveys, home appliances business point of view, more than half of the industry, enterprise development is relatively pessimistic, 42% of business owners began to feel a great pressure on the operation. From the first quarter of appliances each category of view, whether it is in a growth phase of environmental health appliances, kitchen appliances development of medium-term, refrigerators, washing machines or appliances waited in vain for the traditional color saturation in the categorys are faced with a serious lack of new market problem. Back to the first quarter of 2020 sales data, we can see the depth of decline in most categories emerged, only free installation, health, less lazy, cooking four variables corresponding category decline, and even some categories of positive growth .



   for water appliances industry, the first quarter of this year due to the impact of the epidemic, the store re-store the line delay and a long recovery period passenger traffic, poor service area closed, the line activities can not be generalized, March and April quarter loss of home improvement, water purification business in terms of business pressures this year, No. 29 April purifier companies Kang Li of China held a root entitled "Kony 2020 root growth strategy to expand the conference" convened by the various departments responsible for people, channels, electronic business platform and third-party consulting firm, to discuss the 2020 water purifier market business strategy, Orville cloud network (AVC) environmental health electric Division general manager Tian Yali invited to attend the video conference, and to the first quarter of 2020 water appliances developed a report entitled "in case of short-term top water industry, the future development of the new machine is still" theme to share.



   Tian Yali in the report not only describes the problems encountered in the appliance industry and the overall environment of 2020, a quarter of the participants and do on the water appliance industry in the first quarter industry in-depth analysis, and finally made a discussion on ways and means of water purification companies can learn from.

   in the report, Tian YaliPointed out that a quarter of the water purifier market showed a total of four characteristics:

   1, affected by the epidemic, the overall market fell significantly accelerate the channels inclined to the online marketplace

   2, the epidemic caused by water appliance industry brand accelerate reshuffle

   3, intensified price war with low-cost high as the main means of competition



   4, to create a product matrix, will become the company broke open competitive weapon

   Tian Yali analysis in the report, along with the line store traffic gradually restored, the market fell below the line will be gradually narrowed, online promotional market because the next node 6.18 blessing, and the next line distribution recovery, gradual lifting of the ban under the districts background, growth is expected to be maintained. Expected in the second quarter of 2020 the market will reach 7.77 billion yuan year on year decline narrowed to -11.8%. Aspect



   When it comes to aftermarket companies how to deal with this change in the situation, Tian Yali respectively, from brand management, channel trends, product segments, and so do the user activates elaborate, while doing it live online broadcast of the recent fires and entities to the participants to share and analyze, at the last meeting, Tian Yali mentioned, outbreaks of disease caused by water purification industry in terms of not only short-term pressure on the operation and market downturn, it is more accelerated, "can buy" people focus on water purification products, water purification encourage enterprises, withstood the pressure to bring the epidemic, to intensify established channels, products layout, a comprehensive efficient attitude to meet after the outbreak of the epidemic gradually market.

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