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   How to buy a bed of roses in soft water? I believe this problem for most consumers do not have a clear answer. Despite all the obscure technical words, just remember the following three tips, you can make your like a pro to buy water softener. Fast with the small series with a look!


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   An automatic disinfection sterilization

   [ 123] can be water softener to soften water by reducing calcium and magnesium ion concentration in the water, it is not a water purifier, water softener can not be removed other toxic and harmful substances in the water. Further, the core resin is a water softener, can not frequent replacement, sealed at a relatively humid environment, bacteria can easily cause secondary pollution, or even a source of contamination. Therefore, regular disinfection sterilization to ensure good water quality is one of the key points. In the EU and other developed countries and regions require water softener must bring their own disinfection sterilization function, to avoid secondary pollution.

   Some brands of softener comes electrolytic separation apparatus, automatic disinfection sterilization can do, not in contact with any chemicals, safety and health. Electrolytic separation means softeners special salt (the main component is sodium chloride NaCl) separating sodium ions (Na +) and chloride ions (of Cl-) for replacing sodium ions calcium and magnesium ions on the resin, the resin obtained regeneration, chloro and hypochlorite ions for disinfection sterilization, the waste liquid is discharged with the water softener outfall.

   Second, the effective average particle resin

   Many people think that the water softener salt dedicated functions softening effect, this is the wrong understanding. Effect that the water softener salt dedicated regenerate the resin, the resin in the water softener is critical for water softening. The quality of the softening resin selected product is directly related to the water quality.

   resin particles each having significant advantages over normal resin: yield high water quality; high regeneration efficiency; actual exchange of large capacity; less loss of the resin.

   When general resin filling, small particles in the resin will be squeezed in the gap between the large particles, it reduces the effective space of the exchange. The average particle resin, narrow distribution and uniform particle size, significantly increased the available space, so that the switching capacity is increased, thereby also greatly enhance the utilization of the resin.

   Third, the water flow in the water batch

   ForChestnut, Zhang family of room is a kitchen two health, resident three persons, the user simultaneously opens up four points with water, then the water softener water flow requires more than 1 ton / hr. When choosing water softeners, water flow must satisfy the family maximum total traffic demand, we can fully meet the needs of domestic water.

   in the purchase of water softener when the primary consideration more than three points, can help you make a rational judgment in a number of choices. Of course, the factors to be considered include the use of soft water and service costs, after comprehensive consideration, combined with their actual situation, such as the size of the size of the installation space, etc., to select a cost-effective best, most suitable for their own products is not difficult . Some aspects of the

   The above content is to buy water softener needs to be considered, I hope this article helps you to make the purchase of water softeners work.

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