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   National Day Golden Week has not yet been sweltering, two-eleven carnival already ready to go, the recent "alternative", "courier up" information heard, all the people are experiencing double eleven seem like rough contest.

   According to Commerce Department released "," October "Golden Week thriving market consumption upgrade continues unabated," content that "this year 11 Golden Week, the traditional consumption upgrading upgrade, emerging consumer flourish, online and offline integration, intelligence shop, mobile payment, sharing green and other new models are emerging. "under the new era, under the wisdom of online and offline retail model of integration is becoming the main channel for consumer choice, and wisdom from traditional retail to retail, from chain full channel to channel, the entire scene, Suning is portrayed as a consumer retail sample wisdom, sHOW out different scenarios and experiences, have gradually demonstrated the charm of the new era of consumption.

   October 16, Beijing Suning Suning jointly organized by Shaanxi "Twins Raiders" conference, the first to start two-eleven, announced jointly open warfare retail harvest of wisdom. Two-eleven in the end what kind of earth-shaking changes will happen in 2018? Perhaps about to be announced.


   2018 pairs eleven will turn on all the people on the street Suning online mode

   With the flow of dividends entire electricity supplier industry in rapid decay, Double Ten the carnival is not just a long line of carnival, not just low price 5 fold carnival, consumers are shopping more and more rational, the demand for product quality and experience of demand, the demand for services as well as the consumption process the emotional resonance of the increasingly high demand, and therefore no longer the pursuit of Internet companies in recent years, the distribution network under a single line or flow line size, but seeks the simultaneous development of online and offline form a composite competitiveness.


   and already has a complete online and offline ecological layout of Suning Tesco, in late July, officially launched the "Beijing Raiders," "This is not only have a global Raiders significance of the city, also sounded the wisdom Suning retail home fully open horn, "Bian farming vice president of Suning retail group said, the wisdom of retail formats from the shopping district of Suning Plaza Suning Tesco cloud to store, Suning RT-Mart, Bu bee Lotus shop, from Suning shops and offices throughout the community to Su fresh green, Dia, from Suning red children towns to shop outlets, a retail shop ...... cloud from line to line, SuningRetail ecological wisdom layout around 1.3 billion consumers in the country have been all over.

   "If the previous two-eleven online shopping carnival, the carnival that after all the people in the true sense wisdom is two-eleven retail plow the land again finished this year," Bian agriculture, "said the 2018 pairs eleven is a watershed in the old and new retail model will redefine the two-eleven, consumer shopping experience anytime, anywhere, on-line double eleven Carnival street Suning universal shopping experience will certainly be the 2018 trend. "

   the Beijing, Shaanxi joint just double XI promote early start release signal, but also the release of the citys feelings, but also on the "Beijing Raiders - Retail home wisdom" of continuing to deepen and upgrade . "Jia Hao, general manager of Beijing Suning Tesco said. Double eleven shopping carnival coming, the" Twins Raiders "Suning Tesco wisdom will play a full round of retail channels, full-format advantage, Beijing, Xian two by formats linkage, regional linkage, integration of resources, product, price, experience, multi-dimensional advance. "If before the Beijing Raiders is a multi-format development Suning wisdom retail in Beijing opening home layout, that coming the two-eleven shopping festival is undoubtedly Suning Beijing Raiders usher in the big parade. "Hao Jia said," During the two-eleven shopping carnival, Beijing Suning will play a leading role in the market to drive the national market battle two-eleven. "

   Jing Shan Twins linkage play new tricks

   inter-regional marketing Suning is nothing new, but the" year spent similar, but each year different. "Carnival from the city to the north linkage, and then to Beijing, Shaanxi linkage national carnival, Beijing Suning can say that the inter-regional marketing and co-branding to achieve the ultimate, every year giving consumers different new play method.


   were purchased from Beijing and Shaanxi Yi, general manager of Suning co-starred in the two-eleven comic and supplier of a "double eleven Carnival" will launch a climax. "let supply Suppliers play up, so that consumers enjoy the shopping experience in the course of play, this is our Beijing Shaanxi linkage, the core of the basic idea of 鈥嬧€媡he two-eleven. "Hao Jia said, the" double eleven should be a play festival, now we have launched a new Silk Road model red children show contest, gaming tournament, street soccer tournament challenge, square dance contest, CCTV vertical climbing competitions theme gameThings, to achieve full coverage of the whole age of the customer base, a universal participation of all in front of the carnival. "

  " This year is very much Suning play method is also very mind, a few days before being Suning La songs to record, video shot on suddenly felt a lot of young and old, this method can not only play closer to the consumer from those, closing the distance between Suning and suppliers, playing with the arrangements work, in fact, is a very high level. "Haier Beijing Wang Xiaoqiang, head of the emotion.

   It is understood that conference the same day, Suning started simultaneously vibrato Challenge in Beijing, Xian two historic ancient capital, young people loved way to build the citys character SHOW , so that more people understand Beijing and Xian, but also allow more young consumers to play Call for his second home is their home; at the same time, the two Suning will also be sent through the microblogging to the thousands of pet # # a desire to collect forms, promote Beijing, Xian, two-way interaction of consumers and provide round-trip ticket for those who dream.

   during the two linkage, Suning will also work with Shaanxi Shaanxi Department of Commerce and eight counties reached a strategic cooperation, the Yanan Liangjiahe millet, Lintong pomegranates, Fuping persimmon, Zhenan chestnut, Danfeng wine, Yangxian black rice, Zhouzhi kiwi, Luochuan apples and other agricultural products line Suning Tesco Chinese characteristics hall, through the Internet opened up channels of agricultural products in poor areas, boost regional poverty; in order to allow more consumers to stay at home will be able to taste the specialty of the city to another

   "witnessed and participated in the Beijing Suning never to the process of growth, love and gratitude to Beijing Beijing Suning give consumers trust and love, "Wang Jun, general manager of Shaanxi Suning Tesco to emotion," the two-eleven Jing Shan linkage, I will ask the full Beijing people early adopters Shaanxi specialty, and I feel the same feelings different cultures and ancient capital, I believe everyone will love this simple I set foot on this land they loved. "

   In addition, Beijing, Xian and two Su Ning also combines more than 200 major appliances, FMCG, maternal and child brand resources to jointly invest 500 million faiths former two-eleven, Suning will advance payment of more than 8 million red envelope coupons and specials open limited buying activity of consumers to Beijing Suning stores to buy energy-efficient products also enjoy double subsidies and preferential treatment, you will receive an iPhone XS appointment V can also enjoy a shopping service stop service and exclusive offers.

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   General shop under the

   line Suning has always been based on the country, after 28 years of deep development, Suning conventional line shop the number has more than 4000, to the layout of cities across the country. In the two-eleven activities, General Suning Tesco store will become the main battlefield activities under the line. For the largest low line market, Suning layout cloud through retail stores. In this years Suning retail Cloud Partner Conference, Suning proposed three-year plan to create rich, layout 12000 2020 retail stores in the cloud, and encouraged more than 1000 sales volume reached ten million gold merchants.

   cloud Suning retail stores have also become a strong growth point. According to the 2018 January-August retail market Yun County town of big data show that compared to January, retail cloud August sales of high-end products in the market towns of the average increase of 922%, of which high-end air conditioners, refrigerators and other large appliances The average sales increase of 1063%. The double eleven activities, the cloud Suning retail stores will also be the focus of market development effort Suning line, its performance worth the wait. In the last 818 near the big promotion, Suning cooperation with the RT-Mart supermarkets, sales rose for the first time entered the war as high as 1067 percent. Suning super large FMCG as an important part of the strategy, but also increase investment to participate in the two-eleven activities. As for the line, in addition to the traditional rich gameplay Tesco master cat rather shop, Suning Suning fight will be the main online shopping activities. In the past the Double Ten Day buy fight, fight buy orders than 88 days increased by 824.36%, an increase of 1008.24 percent new buyers, grew by leaps and bounds in just two months, highlighting the hot spell and shopping market Suning spell purchase of brand value.

   With the development of electronic business, online incremental year slowed down the integration of online and offline physical market is bound to become the future growth of the main points. This years two-eleven, it will be the first year of integration to compete in the Internet retail online and offline, and Suning Tesco the "six Army" will become the benchmark of future retail development, worth the wait!

   (Source: National Grid, invasion deleted)

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