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   water overnight in a nitrogen-containing organic matter will continue to be broken down into nitrite, then someone asked water overnight cause cancer? Or by a small series to tell you now.




the overnight water why not drink? Water overnight in a nitrogen-containing organic matter will continue to be broken down into nitrite, at the same time, it is inevitable that microbial intervention will accelerate the decomposition of organic matter containing nitrogen, nitrite harm to the bodys well known that it has a strong binding to hemoglobin in vivo the ability to interfere with normal blood oxygen transport function, then water overnight cause cancer?


boil water, is the Chinese people a good habit, it can greatly protect the health, play a very good disinfection, to kill the pathogenic microorganisms. So to boil water for our country is concerned, especially in the safety of drinking water situation is not particularly good case, is necessary. Overnight will be long and water microbial contamination, it may cause diarrhea, but no cancer.


Although the overnight drinking water can not cause cancer, but small series that still try to drink less or not drink water overnight, not just overnight water, several water is also best not to drink.


1, the morning not to drink tap water a unscrewed.


, experts say, just tap the factory, it is no problem. Because our country water plant staff basically graduate, doctoral graduate, from all aspects of his cultural level, technical level are high; In addition, the water plant equipment is very advanced, which are to ensure the health of tap water Safety. However, during transport, there is a problem of secondary pollution of pipelines, water towers, water tanks and so on. Why is the morning after just unscrew the tap water can not drink it? This is because after a night time, the water in the pipe can easily be contaminated, so that, after the early morning, before opening the tap water for 5 minutes or so to let go, then the water flows over the relatively clean. Do not let go of this part of the waste, wash or cleaning something to spent.


2, drink "thousands of boiling water" easy poisoning.


life, some people are afraid of the water is not clean, running water to burn ten minutes after the drink, also known as "thousands of boiling water." Experts say, this habit is wrong. In some places, the mineral content of the water itself is relatively high, the water burned a long time, the water vapor to evaporateAfter, minerals in the water to the concentrate, such as water content which in itself lead is qualified, after a long period of time after the burn, condensed water, the water will fail. Further, the water is disinfected with chlorine to some organic pollutants in water, when combined with chlorine, it forms a by-product sterilization, a Class A carcinogen, longer burn time, disinfection byproducts the amount is higher. Before people say steamer can not drink water, drink, and toxic, water steamer is repeated burning, what it means.


the heating time is how long it appropriate? Experiments have shown that the best is a boil turn off the heat, boil water after, most of the bacteria can be eliminated, in general, in addition to the kind of Bacillus bacteria, other bacteria and viruses at about 80 degrees and he died.


Through the above description, I believe we will not be on the overnight water carcinogenic should have their own judgment of it, not others, and small series to remind everyone to know more about the family drinking little knowledge, we will be very healthy drinking water beneficial.




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