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   With the national economic development caused by environmental pollution problem is getting worse, peoples health needs are also increasing. Water industry has become the battleground of all businesses, large and small manufacturers and countless countries in order to plan healthy development of healthy water industry, water purification has been mandatory for normal sales must go wading document.

   wading this document exactly what role it! Why is this document comes just as important as business intelligence it! Water purification industry exactly how many brands do not have to wade this document it? Water purifier involved water approval documents for approval to handle what hard conditions they need it? wading water purifier approval documents for business operations in terms of what kind of worries cause it? consumers do not use this document to wade manufacturers of water purifiers which will bring risk it? so a series of problems plaguing people about to set foot in the water purifier market.

   What is wading this document?

   Ministry of Health wading this document is issued by the authority delegated permit approval documents have wading products, the equivalent of food production license, consumers can directly in checking the authenticity of the official website of the government. Water purification belong wading products should be verified before each product listing-related supervision departments identified, to ensure water quality and related quality compliance with national standards and access to "drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document made products related to" health administrative departments issued only marketable. From a strict sense, no wading enterprises do not have the documents relating to production qualification, the equivalent of three free products, free from the relevant state departments of supervision.

   Victor purifier national drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document

   Victor purifier in line with consumers and responsible attitude in the relevant state departments of supervision Victor whole series of water purification products for the water quality appraisal. After a long wait, recently, the state authoritative institution confirmed Victor purification products in full compliance with national standards and access to health administrative department issued a "domestic related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document." This is an affirmation of the enterprise, also is a testament to Victor water purification products, but also an affirmation of corporate social responsibility.

   As we all know, water purification products are closely related with peoples lives drinking water. National health administrative departments wading products business is quite strict review of water purification products made a lot of requirements. The reason is that it is necessary to assure health wading product safety, product quality, But also to ensure user safety of drinking water, the health of the necessary measures. Therefore, the national authority of the testing organization will purify water quality detected several times, before and after comparison of the error detection result will be a fully qualified licensing document, measured before and after nearly three months. As the state supervision of wading products increased, a number of brand-name water purifier living space will become smaller and smaller, the market is further aggregate to one of the few big brands of large companies.

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