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   In Germany and some European countries, compulsory every family must pre-install water purifiers, however, in China, pre-installation of household water purifiers is very small, even in urban households, and will not exceed 5%. The reason why this happens, it may be related to the economy, culture, history and many other factors, however, a very important reason is that our lack of awareness of the importance of pre-purifier.

   The main role of the pre-purifier filter out water pipe is brought in visually rust, sand, impurities, microbial debris, colloid particles visible the like, so that the water level returns to the factory, while protecting water heaters, faucets, showers, washing machines, rice cookers, kettles, warm wading and other devices in the home.


   A lot of people think we live for decades, what has not been pre-installed water purifier, do not also alive and well! In fact, this is a huge scam. It is deceptive is that all injuries are over a long period of time, gradually, like warm boiled frog. We have carefully recall, is not feeling the heating efficiency of the water heater is getting worse, slowly emerged dripping faucet, the case does not close tightly, feeling a little clogged shower, kettle thick end of the scale, the washing machine is also not as smooth, we might think that this is the reason electrical aging, in fact, there is a lot of reasons, some small particles of impurities accumulate and hurting these electrical devices.



after a long time rusty cast iron water pipes

   These small particles of impurities where they come from it?

   First of all, every city 鈥嬧€媤ater supply network are after a very long time and gradually improve the building, where there are a lot of cast iron, Concrete pipes, long time, rust, sediment naturally inevitable.

   Second, the distribution network fracture, damage, alteration, repair events frequently occur, emergency response teams is quite unpleasant, construction workers is quite hard, but, in this process, how many took the opportunity to mix sand water it!

   again, high-rise building secondary water supply, but also a very important source of pollution, recall, tank cleaning your home district last is when? waterworks supply of water in itself is no problem , but the water plant is not on our doorstep, inAfter dozens of the raid, when we turn on the tap, tap water or water that do?



a lot of sediment into pipeline maintenance contaminants from entering the water supply network

   [ 123] for a new cell, the case becomes even more urgent. Why?

   access to the cell from water mains pipes, and enter each household water pipes, as well as inside the home network, it is a new water pipe. I believe, from the factory until the installation should be no one of these pipes has been cleaned it. I believe we must have seen the construction site full of stacked pipes, construction site dust, sand, but will not let them. In the end, we must depend on water to flush these pipes, cleaning it, they wash, where wash water eventually went to it, no doubt, from a variety of flow out of the outlet of each family, faucets, showers , water heaters, washing machines, warm ......


   district newly laid water pipes lack of protection, carry large amounts of sediment


   the current economic level is getting better and better people are increasingly focusing on the quality of their lives. Buy a faucet also hundreds of dollars, even if the big bucks, but, when we renovation, moving the big hundreds, thousands, or even thousands of dollars to buy a faucet, not to mention the washing machine, to warm the hundreds of a class spent tens of thousands of blocks of the appliance. We spend so much money to buy these high-end products, it is certainly want to improve our quality of life. However, from the outset, the line in the impurities brought them a cruel destruction, may not only cause unnecessary economic losses to us, but also potential problems for the quality of our lives.


   five purification straight drink schematics


   Why Western countries mandatory pre-installed in each household water purifiers, here, the answer is obvious . And in terms of new cells, the damage is very obvious, pre-installation of water purifiers will become more necessary and urgent. Accompanied by family drink straight, both to resolve family living water, and safe, rest assured that the water purification plants moved back home!

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