Status China drinkg water market size 2017, the competitivl

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   First, the status scale Chinese water market

   Currently, bottled water with its 40% market share ranks the top spot in the beverage market.

   the year 2014, our bottled water production was 78,161,400 tons, an increase of 9.37%.

   2014 of the total bottled water sales reached 113.1 billion yuan, as of 2013 the mineral water industry manufacturers over 1000, ranking first in the world, the total annual mining more than 13 million tons.

   2015 January-December China bottled water production was 87,660,900 tons. Among them, Guangdong bottled water production was 14.466 million tons, accounting for about 17% of the national production of bottled water, bottled water region with the highest yield in the country.

   In addition, in 2015 the top ten bottled water production provinces are Guangdong, Sichuan, Jilin, Guangxi, Henan, Shandong, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei and Zhejiang. Production provinces in turn is 14.4662 million tons, 8.7689 million tons, 8.547 million tons, 6.8715 million tons, 6.5446 million tons, 5.4372 million tons, 3.2848 million tons, 3.2213 million tons, 3.1136 million tons and 2.5419 million tons.

   2016 January-May National Packaging drinking water production was 36,083,888 tons. Among them, Guangdong to 5,528,846 tons of bottled water output ranked first class production.

   Second, the Chinese potable water market competition

   Since the 21st century, the Chinese water industry entered a steady growth stage. Various brands of pure water, mineral water, distilled water, spring water, natural water, mineral water frequently appears in the national market. China drinking water market increasingly competitive.

   China Economy Research Institute ranking, listed companies in China Development Institute, based on the Chinese water market in-depth investigation and study, produced and released the "2014 China top ten brands of drinking water companies list" , a comprehensive summary of industry overview, helps entrepreneurs understand the status of Chinese water industry development, helping investors find investment opportunities in the industry and make the right investment.

   2015 in the bottled water market, farmer spring, Yi Bao, Master and baby HaKazakhstan accounted for the major share of the market, more than 60%.

   Third, the drinking water industry market trends analysis

   In the fierce competition, including mineral waters drinking water industry has been a major shock. However, at the same time, consumers have significantly improved the scientific concept of drinking water, production companies also realize the truth of the drinking water industry to diversify from the competition.

   drinking water market is scientific, standardized, rapid and healthy development trend. Natural mineral water with its health-care and other advantages, will become the market leading products in drinking water.

   Although China Natural mineral water per capita consumption is far below the worlds advanced countries, only a few liters per capita, but the trend is irresistible, Chinese mineral water market is nearly 20% annual rate of increase.

   according to the national standard of mineral water, mineral water exploration, appraisal and production process, both rigorous scientific standards, but also mining, health, quality inspection, light industry, food and drug supervision departments the review identified national authority and supervision. After mining, the filling can still guarantee the same as the raw water, it can be directly consumed.

   With the rapid development of Chinas society and economy and rising living standards, people drinking water, especially demand for natural mineral water and its role in awareness is also rising. Natural mineral water with its excellent quality and good health effects, share in the market to grow substantially. Natural mineral water drinking water will become the Chinese market leading products.

   1, is a healthy source of natural mineral water

   At present, all kinds of bottles, bottled drinks sold on the market, in addition to man made of soda or fruit juice, divided into natural water, pure water and natural mineral water three categories. Three categories have in common beverages is mainly unpolluted, free of bacteria and other microorganisms or any other harmful ingredients, and in line with national drinking water standards, can be used as auxiliary beverages other than tap water daily. The main difference between them lies in the different elements contained in each component. Natural water contains essential major elements sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates and sulfates and the like, but also contains some trace elements compliant content. Pure water after purification, is substantially free of the above macroelements. Due to the different elemental composition of the three types of beverages, reactions and physiological effects on the human body are different. Among them, in addition to mineral waterCan play a role in drinking water, but also has the role of nutrition, health and disease prevention.

   Human growth process, the material must be exchanged with the surrounding environment through, draw the desired mineral (major elements and trace elements), and drinking water intake of the human body is an inorganic mineral elements from the natural environment an important way. Water is the source of life, the minerals in the water to make up human life from beginning to end is the source of life substance is most likely to be absorbed by the human body. On the contrary, the body can not get enough of the mineral elements supplement, will produce some "element deficiency." Modern medical research shows that many diseases are related to the lack of certain minerals. Such as Kashin-Beck disease and lack of selenium in water and calcium related; Keshan disease and low salinity water quality and lack of trace elements related; cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, endemic goiter and water are all related to a lack of trace elements. Visible, mineral water give the body to provide the necessary nutrients, water is a real human life, the source of health.

   2, the concept of healthy drinking water has become the mainstream

   Today, foreign healthy drinking water has become a mainstream concept. Internationally, the natural mineral water has been called the aristocracy. Such as the French people are very fond of mineral water, a total of more than 50 large mineral water factory, Vichy is a world famous spa town, every street of the Paris Bar, railway stations, tourist attractions, restaurants, food stores are selling mineral water, and all France is home-grown. Another example Germany has 235 large mineral water company, the annual output of nearly 9 million tons of mineral water, mineral water exports less than 80 tons, the German mineral water per capita consumption of 65 kg / year. And China have deep cultural origins of the Korean people, but also attaches great importance to health of mineral water, more than 90 percent of South Koreans advocating drinking natural mineral water. Of other developed countries and in Germany, France and South Korea are basically similar.

   At present, although China per capita consumption of natural mineral water is far below the worlds advanced countries, but the trend is irresistible.

   3, natural mineral water will become dominant

   Chinas rapid economic development, environmental protection for China as a whole has brought unprecedented pressure. Pollution of the Huaihe River, Songhua River, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the whole society and even drinking water safety issues. In recent years, Chinese peoples cultural level, living standards and the rapid growth of consumption, people have adequate food and clothing from the basic requirements of life to the pursuit of natureAnd healthy quality of life transition. In terms of drinking water, more and more people are not satisfied with merely safe and clean drinking water, and the pursuit of truly healthy water.

   Health and World Health Organization drinking water standards are consistent. Drinking natural mineral water buried in deep geological formations, deep cycle and natural filtered through, is pure natural, health and safe water; from the nutritional point of view, it contains major elements and trace elements in a variety of essential, can regulate the bodys acid-base equilibrium, the chemical composition and flow rate, temperature and other dynamic stability, these characteristics are generally not available in the natural water.

   according to the national standard of mineral water, mineral water exploration, appraisal and production process, both rigorous scientific standards, but also mining, health, quality inspection, light industry, food and drug supervision departments the review identified national authority and supervision. Mined, after filling can still guarantee the same as the original source of water, can be directly consumed.

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