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   water purification agents to join which brand is definitely the strength of the brand, what brand is considered the strength of it, business friends to join in the choice of clean water, be sure to assess from the following aspects:



   1, store decoration support: It is not a unified VI, CI unified image design, free design store headquarters, auxiliary shop location, store size and according agent, give certain store decoration support.

   2, the regional advertising: Is not invest one hundred million yuan of three-dimensional propaganda in television, media, magazines, websites, airports, high-speed rail, highways, railway stations, buildings, etc. every year, while providing regional advertising support, you advertise, the headquarters of certain subsidies.

   3, marketing support: the promotion is not open to provide planning, opening material support, operational support materials approved, holidays and other promotional activities to support and provide guidance marketers stagnation, deep industry experience to help agents better business and sales.

   4, support for regional protection: It is not for the protection of agents joined, dealers benefit, especially to set strict regional protection policies, signed an agreement to commit to a region of a business, to ensure that the regional agency franchisee equity, while providing support agents distributors, agents develop distributors, is not the company will give agents and distributors to support different costs and market assistance.

   5, year-round activities in support of: unity is not to develop a variety of promotional materials and a certain amount to the agents, franchisees, dealers free of charge, and the companys commitment to the full on holiday activities, a merchants request, issued a full program of activities planned, jointly organized promotional activities to enhance market competitiveness.

   6, the market model operational support: It is not in the establishment of more rural market model, providing marketing agent for the franchisee, operating, investment, sale and installation and maintenance, and many other guidance, The company devote human resources support to the market model as the center, good offline experience.

   7, reward support: is not zero initial fee, free training, product harder to sell, free product exchange, gave decoration, design, gift opening, etc., headquarters of a unified set up a special reward, high rebate policy, take concrete actions to support the agents, joined the city of Rio profit.

   If the above seven areas, most of the water purification business can do, then that is a good water purification Agent brands, plus fresh water purifier focus Agent 23 years , fully support the strength of the brand, you build a solid operating water purification agent backing.

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