Water purification appliance industry has become th-new favo

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  In the first half

   in 2018, the traditional home appliances category by the real estate market regulation affect the conduction effect of negative growth, dragged down the overall size of Chinas home appliance market decline, but new categories such as household water purifiers brisk performance, helping the appliance industry eased downward pressure on the market .

   In my countrys home appliance market, water purifiers become a new appliance category after air conditioning, a dishwasher and hot. Haier, millet, Gree, Midea, TCL and other traditional home appliance giant to overweight the water purifier business, let the water purifier market showing a thriving weather. Right now, the water purifier has become the new blue ocean home appliance giants competing layout.


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   water purifier, home appliance industry, "the new darling."

   the first half of 2018, real estate regulation overweight, coverage gradually extended to three or four lines from a second-tier cities, it is one of the results derived from the household appliance market freeze. Orville cloud network-wide channel to push the total data show that the first half of my countrys traditional home appliance sales market scale of 311 billion yuan, down 1.6%.

   Although the traditional home appliances category scale down drag the entire decline in home appliances segment, but a useful hedge against rising appliance category to some extent, a water purifier and a dishwasher is emerging category contribution larger of the two categories. Orville cloud network-wide channel to push the total data show that the first half of our water purifier sales of 600 million units, an increase of 15.9%, sales of 180 billion yuan, an increase of 12.9%. Dishwasher market sales of 51 million units, an increase of 37.8%, the scale of sales of 24.3 billion yuan, up 38.2%;

   market prospects dishwasher has been widely recognized by the entire appliance industry while the water purifier home appliance market in 2018 is a popular product.

   guided by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association on May 31, 2018 during the Chinese power industry, water purification Forum sponsored by National Grid, the leading home appliance market research institutions and enterprises have expressed a water purifier prospects optimistic attitude.

   China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Jiang Feng believes that water purifier with the improvement of living standards, healthy life security put forward higher requirements and the emergence of new demands. Compared to traditional water purifier bottled water, water cleaner, better taste, easy to operate, health, nutrition andSaving time have a great advantage, so welcomed by consumers in recent years. Household electrical appliance enterprises have increased R & D investment, the incremental expansion, water purification product category is becoming richer, these have created a good opportunity for the development of water purification industry.

   In fact, the leading home appliance enterprises have realized the growth potential of the water purifier category. Haier Appliances, senior director of product marketing for Greater China, said home appliances, water purifier at this stage is one very important symbol of modern appliances products, home appliances, Haier set up R & D team and the reason why the introduction of a large number of water purification products, water purification hope It can lead to better growth for Haier appliances.

   Ministers cloud millet rice technology products department Tangrong believe that the prospects water purifier "very impressive", expected water purifier will maintain a rapid growth over the next five years. At present, the water purifier has become a major source cloud-meter science and technology sales.

   Gree strategic marketing director, also said the water purifier has more imagination, Gree the water purifier as an extremely important category.

   water purifier, opportunities and challenges of the new blue ocean

   driven by industry giants, heat water purifier market is increasing, whether the industry level, or consumer level, everyones attention on water purifiers are continuing to improve.

  , general manager of TCL Brand Center that, for most families, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners these three traditional home appliances penetration is already high, mainly in the future to get a new drive-based, emerging appliance category showing a huge market potential, new appliances will become a new driving force for future incremental market, the water purifier market promising.

   data show Jingdong appliances, water purifier large scale in a second-tier cities, but not far behind four-tier cities, consumer demand is very strong. Water purifier sink with the electricity supplier channels, three or four lines in four or five line market will bring explosive growth. In addition, users buy through the water purifier Jingdong platform, the population between 26-45 years of age accounted for 77% of the user population, which some consumer groups acceptance of water purification products is very high.

   mining sales director of home appliances division appliances Jingdong Xia Weidong said that with more and more incoming water purifier market brand, water purifier prices getting close to the people, the future will increasingly penetration of water purifiers The higher the households.

   However, inTangrong view, water purifier industry opportunities and challenges co-exist. He said that the current rate of water purifier word of mouth is not high, mainly because of the installation of water purifiers is too low, so the first thing is to let the industry should be concerned about the water purifier has been bought up by the user, with satisfaction.

   cloud meter technology after research found that users, frequency of use is not high enough, the kitchen is not big enough and cost problems are obstacles impeding consumers use water purifier. In addition, for the moment consumers use water purifier pain points came in the most forward several are inconvenient to install, volume is not big enough, the filter does not know when to replace it.

   To this end, cloud-meter technology products, head of recommendations, based on pain points users to buy and use analysis, water purification products from the direction of innovation should focus on focus-free installation, water efficiency, multi-mode selection, intelligent of control, convenience and function integration.

   Andy Lee, a director of the North Region electrical life Galanz Group Marketing Division mentioned that a lot of people do not understand, do not understand this emerging category, industry-wide need to strengthen the promotion, publicity, so that consumers recognize the water purifier benefits device, features, selling points, advantages.

   United States first person in charge of planning Li Jie believes that the challenges facing the water purification industry lies in two aspects, one category of user expectations and expectations are very high, needs care consumer expectations for water purifier category , but the degree of consumption; the second is the need to bring a better experience to the user. He hoped that in the first echelon of the Friends of the industrys overall lead, co-ordinate and regulate the development of industry standards, the water purification industry to do more, do not over-consumption of consumer expectations, so that the water purifier category give users more beautiful experience.

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