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countries with Love Teeth Day, teeth as a small part of the body, caused by a disease that can easily be overlooked. It is known that regular brushing can prevent tooth illness, but only a few people know the impact of water and drinking water for brushing teeth. Home water purifier net times to remind you: brush your teeth, toothpaste choice is important, but the quality of water is also important. Filtered tap water purifier can remove all impurities and bacteria in tap water, dental care and more concerned about you.

   Since Love Teeth Day was born September 20, 1989, many people are concerned about dental health problems, but the current situation, the Chinese peoples dental problems are still not optimistic. According to the survey, deciduous teeth caries in children 5 years old China was 66% at a high level in the world, permanent teeth caries rate 12-year-old child has reached 29%. 86% of people aged 65-74 have tooth loss, 10% of people aged 65-74 full mouth toothless. Even dental problems adults have become increasingly common.

   dental diseases mainly in the elderly and children in the two groups, the elderly do not pay attention on the issue of brushing, do not pay attention to children in brushing and diet. Experts said that children over 5 years old Liu Cheng has "cavities", each child has a 2.82 average dental caries. Dental caries in children, high incidence, which the kids drinking carbonated beverages, snacks and other unhealthy eating habits to some extent. Carbonated drinks a lot of damage to the teeth, if the teeth on Coke soak overnight, next day it can be easily crushed. Children should pay attention to, what to drink water is the best? Remind you that the best water filter in the raw water, water purifier on the tap water is not something beneficial to filter out the body, and can retain the minerals beneficial to human body, replace all kinds of drinks with filtered tap water is not only beneficial to the childs teeth, their body is also a great benefit.

   older people have dental easy Alzheimers, pregnant women have dental easy to abortion, the child was not conducive to good dental development, in short, dental disease is not trivial, which requires us to regular brushing, a good brush teeth , protect teeth. But some people have doubts, why I always brush your teeth after meals, but still not enough teeth whitening, which has a lot of quality you might be brushing with the water. There was a beauty to share with you her sixty teeth are still white jade methods are over, that is, with cool white open gargle, brush your teeth, cool white openBy After boiling, the presence of some bacteria in tap water had been killed, it will not contaminate the tooth. The water purifier filter tap water, which all impurities, bacteria, microbes, heavy metals are filtered out fully, the use of such water to brush our teeth whitening and more conducive to dental health.

   installed in the inlet water of a pre-filter, comprehensive clean tap water, brush your teeth, wash your face, wash are many healthy, installing a home water purifier in the outlet, the whole family can rest assured good drinking water . Comprehensive water purifier filter drinking water and brushing your two-pronged approach, dental care, more concerned about you.

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