Water purifier deals also need to establish the concept of b

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At present, many dealers have requested the conversion of brand appeal, there is a problem of very nerve-racking, especially the impact of the dealers own reputation and future development. However, the water purifier dealer if you can choose the right brand at the outset, there is room for development of select manufacturers, it is the test of the water purifier dealers courage.


water purifier dealers to succeed in selecting the right brand is the key

   saw water purifier production line is perfect. Some companies do focus on branding, ignoring product quality, uniform getting goods from OEM manufacturers, the products do not produce their own eyes, you will never be able to ensure product quality. "Guerrilla" type of cooperation in case of a problem on the exchange of products a cooperative manufacturers, not the long term. Second look is perfect after-sales service. Water purifier long break north-south geographical limitations, exported to the country. And now water purifier in case of a collision during transport, will affect the normal use of the product. So manufacturers have the capacity and intention to establish a nationwide after-sales system is also very important. The role of

   choose to have room for development of manufacturers to progress

   force is mutual, if only enterprise of a Contracting scratching his head to draw a reseller that is useless. Dealers also need empathy, and discuss industry development plan. There was a Yiwu dealer, said he is willing to do business cooperation in investment promotion, advertising, dealers who want to organize together to contribute, will push corporate advertising CCTV. Uninformed observer might full of doubt, money for businesses to advertise? General distributors and enterprises, only one thought, to make money. This is understandable, but some dealers only see immediate benefits: "lowest factory delivery, preferential policies, my big profit margins." But some dealers there are more long-term plans: "I work with factories are small, little known, but Im willing to stay with it growing up, would like to see further and further along the road after, getting wider and wider. "

   industry is strong, the company strong; strong companies, then the dealer is strong. So everyones common goal - to make money, but also a natural matter of course. Select brand cooperation is a major key to success of dealers, in cooperation with the manufacturers to a promising, from the outset to establish their own brand concept, attentive care of its own distribution of the brand, is equal to one foot towards the door to success!

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