Water purifiers to join the agencyo plan howdit correctly

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   recent few years, the home water purifier has been universal coverage in China, has been more and more consumers trust and purchase, but also makes a huge market demand has become a water purifier to join many entrepreneurs choose agents a hot item for many newcomers is not clear due to pre-planning and the lack of operational experience, leading to sales carried out when stagnant, then, in the end how to do proper planning it?



   1, the division of profits to be properly handled

   for each agent for the agents goal is to earn money, so when in water purification agent requires a good deal and profit divided between dealers. There are a lot of water purification agents in order to win the dealer, choose to greatly reduce their profits, hoping to make money this way, although in the short term there is a certain effect, can quickly help in the early their popularity to win, but if you are like long-term operation, then its profits are limitations.

   Of course, if you want to make exorbitant demands, then it is more feasible, and there are a number of water purification products distributor franchisee to set the price high, this way, then distributors it is not easy to make money, make money, then lost the entrepreneurial passion, for the franchisee is also unprofitable. Therefore, to achieve good control of both the profit-sharing, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, it was possible to make their business more and more, to achieve better profitability in this highly competitive market environment.

   2, an area of 鈥嬧€媡he agent is not the better

   there are a lot of people are hoping to join is greater Acting regional area, but as the saying goes: bite off more than you can chew. Whether anything is a gradual process, he joined the agency in doing business when well.

   Therefore, it is recommended purifier franchisees need to start from scratch, good location, down to earth to do, if they do not have anyExperience but want to do to your agent, then even if a large area is also the agent can not make money because their ability to currently is no way to control the market, it is powerless when the water purifier sales, leading product sales inefficient.

   Therefore, do water purifier to join only do proper planning, then in order to have better development, so do bring to join, it must be a good plan, so as to bring better business.

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