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   Applicable municipal tap water (poor quality companies, especially in the northern region of severe fouling recommended optional additional water purification equipment), water must configure the interface valve, preferably a ball valve 4 points, the position of the interface is less than one meter from the water boiler.

   integrally models, with primary purification system, which filter has not been loaded, the interface should be observed that the filter should be charged with a leakage condition.

   The water purifier inlet matching customers, the water purification device inlet is connected to the front end, select the appropriate length of hose connecting the water purification device outlet water boiler inlet (marked), net boiling water unit can be placed within the base, connected after the water, should be carefully observed to ensure that no water drip condition.

   water pressure should be in the range 0.15-0.35Mpa, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine, if the pressure in the pressure relief valve should be greater than 0.35Mpa water on the road, when the pressure is less than 0.05Mpa, please booster pump, pressurized to apply pressure range.

   reminded, boiling vertically placed on a horizontal flat on the ground, not boiling exhaust port closure, once the blocked, not only water, but also water boiler must be damaged.


   Electrical water boiler installed by a professional installation personnel, use of nameplate voltage distribution, and requires the following two requirements.

   Safety Ground: boiling may not share a line with other electrical appliances, ensure accurate and reliable electrical connection, must be connected to a ground line on the protective earth conductor line with national standards, not to self-modification and extension cords.

   Leakage Protection: Each water boiler must have a corresponding native leakage protection power configuration, electrical boxes from boiling position is less than one meter.


   After the boiling chamber should be placed in dry and ventilated place, not to water boilers installed in a humid environment, water vapor or damp air into the electrical box and easily in an insulating medium surface condensation, reducing its insulating properties, resulting in leakage accidents. Close to

   do not place boiling pressure, flammable,Explosive materials and to avoid interfering magnetic (electric) field.

   normally with boiling should maintain a certain distance from the walls and other objects, to dissipate heat to boiling. The top is larger than 300mm, the side surface greater than 250mm.


   An energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. Nick Seoul after many years of accumulation and development, has been a minor celebrity in the country, public outdoor drinking fountains chose Nick Seoul safe drinking water equipment company. well, Nick Seoul An energy-saving equipment Limited production of outdoor public drinking fountains are based on the actual situation and the design of installations, can quickly solve the difficult outdoor drinking water, not enough, not on the supply, the problem of higher prices, safety Nick Seoul public outdoor fountains linear thermal conversion techniques with advanced / step-heating technology, and may be configured advanced five RO reverse osmosis purification means, water quality can quickly protect health and safety, the system is now drinking water, fresh water taste, bottled water reached the national standard.

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