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  Online purchase of household water purifiers what issues need attention? Publish Web Site: Published: 2018-06-13 Due to frequent water pollution incidents, water purifier market began to hot up. Many water purifier water purifier manufacturers and dealers began to open online store water purifiers, attracted attention of many consumers. Xiao Bian here to remind you that online shopping is convenient, but there are certain risks. Note that online purchase of water purifiers what? How to identify genuine and fake brand water purifier? These are the questions we buy water purifier should be noted on the Internet. Following small and we talk about precautions to online purchase water purifier. 1, the best choice for online shopping mall brand the best choice for online shopping mall brand, our common water purifier those stores (Taobao C shop) on the Internet, virtually no venue costs. In contrast the quality of water purifier brand Lynx mall better ensure the general store to open by the agent or the water purifier manufacturers. So to choose a reputable store guaranteed. 2, the product is priced too low, generally do not buy online buy water purifier, pay attention to those products with the market price difference is very large online shop product, due to cost constraints, general business profits not so high, the product price is too low, Description product quality may be a problem, there may be fake and shoddy products. 3, responsible for the installation to see if the purchase of a water purifier, we also noted that online shopping is responsible for the installation of water purifiers whether, if there is to near their homes logistics companies. Online shopping is usually a water purifier are generally not responsible for the installation, in addition to some big brands will be responsible for installation of the above, so we purchase must be asked whether responsible for on-site installation. 4, to see if a sound service online to buy a water purifier, businesses after-sales service is more important. Due to the special nature of water purification products, unlike other home appliances to sell consumer products is complete, the higher its service requirements, the need for professional staff to install and maintain. So we have to look at whether the Internet has improved service when buying a water purifier. 5, timely and sellers to communicate that we have a clear grasp of the basic features of the product before buying, whether after-sales service, all involved in terms of service to communicate with the business, including the way returned, warranty and other chat records must fulfill may be retained, it can be used as evidence in the event of a dispute, to imagine the details of the communication process may damage to their own interests as much as possible, thenAfter eleven require businesses to resolve these issues, if required to make a written commitment. In this way we can ensure that their legitimate rights and interests. Online buy water purifiers precautions to tell you over, I hope everyone in the online purchase of water purifiers when we must stay in mind, not just for the moment to take any cheap and easy to use after leaving big trouble.

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