Teach you how to identify good and bawater quality

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  Tian net to teach you how to identify good and bad quality of: Tim net water purification Views: 307 Published: 2019-1-10 17:15:30 With the contradiction between the rapid development of modern industry, a growing environmental pollution and human health the more prominent, water pollution is known as the "worlds number one killer." According to the World authoritative survey, in developing countries, 80% of all types of diseases because of drinking unsafe water and spread each year from unsafe water caused at least 20 million deaths worldwide. 鎭噣鏁欎綘濡備綍杈ㄥ埆姘磋川濂藉潖 So everyday life we 鈥嬧€媓ow to identify the quality of drinking water is safe? Temperature water quality testing experts, groundwater temperature is stable under normal circumstances, if the water temperature is abnormal, then it may be subject to industrial wastewater, sewage pollution, the water temperature changes when a large amount of surface water into the ground. Color safe water is colorless, then the color appear once the water quality problems. For example, a red water, there may be caused due to the rust or algae; black in water caused by the metal contamination due to multiple; yellow or brown and appear likely to be due to the addition of the purifying agent contamination caused by excessive or humus. The smell of safe and clean water is tasteless. If Cucumber rottenness drinking water occurs, probably due to algae and other silicon-based plankton blooms caused; if water occurs mostly because of the copper-zinc metallic odor aging pipes or iron pipes because of rusting; rancid occur if water, there may be sewage effluent pollution, and some high-level tank overflow is connected directly to the sewer, once the sewer blockage is likely to cause pollution of water and sewage traced throughout the tank. If the taste of drinking water taste abnormality that is likely to be contaminated. Chloride per liter of water of more than 300 mg will brackish water; sulfates excessive water, there bitter taste; astringency will have too much iron salt. Good water safe to drink, you think to get these enough? Do not have a water purifier, you secure good water come from? Installing a water purifier, effective rust filtered water, sediment, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemical residues and other impurities and harmful substances. Harmonia odor activated carbon adsorption efficiency, good water to provide real security for you.

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