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Now, the water purification industry is definitely among the most popular in the industry, with the growing water pollution, but also propelled the rapid growth of the water purifier market, more people in the industry predicted that the water purifier market home appliance industry will be the last "pot of gold." Regardless of whether exotic water purifier, or also in the development of the country for many years, and these are no longer important, because the countrys water industry has entered a stage of explosive how Zhang. At the same time the number of brands in the industry has mushroomed continue to emerge, the majority of agents to provide more choices at the same time and that also caused problems, do not know how to choose the brand?

   Next, and small series we take a look at water purification agents notice.

   First, choose a certain size manufacturers

   Why did you choose a certain size water purifier manufacturers are the primary factor in it. First scale, factory is a symbol of productivity; Second, the scale represents the strength of the brand; Third, manufacturers can develop a good proof in a highly competitive market with more experience in the market, so that the same can better help agents who do a good job market, we all know the truth backed by a good shade tree.

   Second, the issue of local market development environment

   local overall consumption level is considered necessary before the water purification agents, which is the general law of any investment to be followed. You have a general understanding of the spending power of the market will be able to better judge what you should choose brands, such as local market consumption capacity generally choose imported brands, it is likely because of the high prices have led to a narrow market, and Instead of selecting domestic brand on most of the current domestic brand products rich, covering high school low market can fully cover the local market, where the main reason for the rapid in recent years, which is why domestic water purifier brand development.

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