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   familiar with some household water purification techniques and principles of the common market water purifier scam, it allows us to buy more smoothly succeed heart wishful of water purification products. Today, Xiao Bian gave you to share water purifier shopping guide deceive the usual marketing practices, we must pay attention!




water purifier shopping guide marketing tactics to deceive the usual must-see! (Photo from Internet)

   a trap: alkaline water can be physical illnesses

   In the view of nutrition, the body should always intake of alkaline substances, the most common is Some fruits and vegetables, because the body constitution is acidic, the body if long-term morbidity acidic in various diseases will be increased, so drinking alkaline ionized water possible in human body fluids and the environment, the human body is very beneficial . And some businesses will be using that knowledge to promote the production of a certain brand of water purification equipment to consumers through plasma treatment, it can give you direct alkaline drinking water, so that you become alkaline constitution.

   In fact, in fact, not only is there the water purifier market this propaganda, some of the bottled water suppliers will have such rhetoric, the so-called "basic" advantage can physical fitness, improve the body acid-base environment, treatment of chronic diseases are functional alkaline water of false propaganda, in fact, do not have any therapeutic effect, good water will make the body maintain normal circulation, rather than have a therapeutic effect. In addition there are a number of water purification businesses promote their products not only keep the brain Liver, freckle beauty and other health effects, but also the treatment of eczema, diabetes and other diseases. In fact, the human body acid-base balance is basically stable, on the contrary, if forced to the human body becomes alkaline environment, but no good. Because some pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella prefer slightly alkaline environment, if the interior becomes alkaline stomach but harmful to the body.

   Trap II: drinking water have rickets

   Some businesses in order to prevent consumers in the purchase of household water purifiers time will favor RO reverse osmosis water and for low-cost or consider commercial publicity, mineral water on speculation concept, claiming that drinking water will get rickets.

   that long-term drinking water machine filtered water will not cause osteomalacia in adults it? Says biology, water in the human body the main role is to promote human metabolism, the human body is not to provide nutrition, mine substances ingested mainly by diet. In addition medical experts say, Commercially bottled and bottled water are using reverse osmosis technology, which almost everyone drink bottled water or bottled water, purified drinking water because never heard of cases caused by rickets. Although pure water due to the filtering accuracy is too big, it really filtered tap water lacks some minerals necessary for the body, but the business is to take this to the hype, and the like will not reach its position. Consumers need to buy or to buy pure water machine RO reverse osmosis water.

   Trap three: You must purchase a pre-filter

   In addition, many water purifiers stores, Purchasing Guide will be to sell you a pre-filter after you buy water purifiers, and also this will tell you coarse prefilter capable of filtering water, then re-entering the water purifier filter life can be prolonged by filtration.

   In fact, he does not fully express this, the fact that half half false, because not all of the pre-filter water purifier will need to install a. Because some of the water filter cartridge comes with its pre-filtering function, if you go to purchase a pre-filter, it is clear that excess, there will be a waste, so will not be easy filter surface looks dirty, extended filter life, but the diatom porcelain activated its internal work still needs to be done yourself, then when the internal active carbon saturation, we on the surface, due to the presence of pre-filter, we can not discover the saturated activated carbon inside and can not replace the filter, it will cause secondary pollution.

   "marketing tool" There are many on the market, consumers buy water purifiers do not blindly listen to the propaganda business, should have their own judgment, in order to avoid being taken.

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