Too lazy to change the filter secondary pollution makyou reg

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   When the water purifier has been frequently life prompts the red light, constantly telling you when to change the filter, there are always some people who hold indifferent attitude, this filter can feel more stays up, it does not matter for no change . Error! Serious misunderstanding! Purifiers not promptly replaced, the consequences will bear you up.

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   1 filter less effective, less water flow


   not only clogging of the filter effluent flow rate decreases, the filtering effect may also be reduced, so that the clean water "clean" Degree , then consumers have to drink straight, it might some harmful substances absorbed into the body.

   2. Overtaxed, other shortened filter life

   is substantially water purifier now cascade filtering, if the first stage filter clogging PP quilts, sediment, rust and other large particulate impurities section will follow the raw water directly into the second stage activated carbon filter, so that would not be responsible for filtering large particles of impurities, and now foreign activated carbon must assume this burden, overworked, extremely fast shorten its life.

   Perhaps you just had to bear "PP cotton filter" replacement cost at this time, because "from time to time to replace the filter" this bad habit, you need to bear the cost of two double cartridge, even More.

   3. injury life of the machine

   As a little earlier on, and so on, all the filter life will be greatly shortened, the entire operation of the machine will become slow, which makes the machine soon We will "come to an end."

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