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  As the best commercial city in mainland China, it won the United Nations "to improve the living environment of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices," she is the International Garden City - Quanzhou.




   sheltered bay

   soul belong

   Marco Polo 700 years ago, known as "City of Light",

   "Xian to see the underground, to the point of view of Quanzhou"

   walking in the middle of the city,

   eternal legacy inadvertently flashed several times,

   ancient Puqing Ya, delicate and graceful,

   introverted deep, unrestrained stretch.

   in the beautiful southeast coast side,

   there is a historic city,

   She is the source of Taiwanese culture, overlooking the island of Taiwan.

   as the best commercial city in mainland China, it won the United Nations "to improve the living environment of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices," she is the International Garden City - Quanzhou.

   Professional Training cities sophisticated architectural

   elegant living heritage of Shanghai Art

   In fact sea Shanghai to "sea" as the border, the United States is committed to outlining the city drunk coastline. High-end, bustling fashion perspective, lead free, cutting-edge lifestyle, zeroed to the long history of the city of Quanzhou Shanghai.

   In this comfortable and livable beautiful blueprint, building green house with sea view glorified, urban commercial house, benchmark Riverview house, Ding-class SOHO, large-scale foreign commercial pedestrian street, shoppingmall, five-star hotel, grade A office buildings and other multi-property. Enjoying shopping, casual one-stop convenient living area, supporting fun in the bustling city, sitting on the beach, the sea, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the elegant coastal city.

   "Wake up, you and the sun in the same,

   This is what I want in the future."

   you want in the future, the real sea Shanghai have helped you reach!

   Property species diversity

   fully meet the household needs of

   In fact Quanzhou sea Shanghai will have a commercial and residential project planning, the planning of commercial and residential land, SOHO, 8 and 24-40 Grade A office storey residential, cell nursery. Project reached a total number of 1054 residential units, the facade is neo-classical style, it will be equipped with high-level club. Property Type Quanzhou sea Shanghai SIIC projects cover diverse to meet the housing needs of different groups of buyers, but also give each bring buyers a one-stop, comprehensive and convenient living area. One can imagine the quality of its architecture,

   Since then, the mountain of the sea here, the great scene infinite; a city life, downtown endless.

   a unique spectacular sea

   family fun in quality of life

   In fact Quanzhou sea Shanghai will launch a special project seascape US House, most of the units to the south or South transparent, ventilation excellent lighting, beautiful coastal scenery, enjoying a unique viewing perspective.

   top clubs, 5-star luxury courtesy, project planning oversized fitness club venues, female fitness club, lounges, owners can enjoy this sport, enjoy the pleasant SPA living in luxury distinguished style in Shanghai enjoy super 5-star luxury courtesy. East China Sea neighboring school districts, supporting the brand kindergarten, the East China Sea neighboring school district, Quanzhou enjoy high-quality education facilities. We will build more kindergartens and brand Experimental Primary School in the district, one-stop living environment more humane, of privacy.

   In such an international garden city, the fun in life, elegant and livable.

   strolling the banks of the marina, watching the ebb and flow is the true meaning of life practice to the extreme, while waiting for you, not just such an environment of spiritual ownership of high-quality, quality improvement involves all aspects of basic necessities of life, health and never miss your drinking water each day.




   In fact sea Shanghai 脳 EcoWater

   together for the owners to build high quality of life,

   Configuring intimate whole house water purification system,

  -round protection of your family drinking health,

   with the strength to practice pure promise by word of mouth protection.

   concept of pure brand promotion company,

   will not negatively good leisure time for your life style icing on the cake.

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