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  Tim net water purification: environmental awareness to start with children Author: Tim net water purification Views: 652 Published: 2016-6-11 10:45:03 鎭噣鍑€姘达細鐜繚鎰忚瘑瑕佷粠濞冨▋鎶撹捣 June 5 not only the world of Nanjing, but also Russia ecological environment day, this festival is a festival of Russian president nine years ago to specialize in ecological construction worker occupation established. Medvedev recently issued a tribute to the ecological protection of workers in a congratulatory letter on the Russian government website, thanks to the efforts and contributions they made for the benefit of future generations. Medvedev said that the Russian government will continue to develop "green economy", rational use of natural resources and expand the scope of nature reserves, improve environmental protection legislation. On June 5 this day, Moscow hosted dozens of ecological protection themed activities, including running, hiking, expert forums and a variety of environmental documentary, childrens eco-music festival, ecological education parent-child culture festival. Various expeditions around environmental topics, lectures, painting, video, quiz and other activities to stimulate innovative, lively and interesting, which greatly stimulated the childrens curiosity. The site also features a Recycling Container, the children lined up to put waste paper, batteries, plastic, aluminum and other recyclable waste and non-recyclable items by classification, and then each person received a small gift. These activities focus on the theme of knowledge contests and parent-child interaction, not only to educate children, parents also tested. The real practice of environmental awareness, "ruled." The Russian government has always attached importance to environmental protection. Since 2008 the government June 5 to ecological protection workers, the day the country held every year in various forms and colorful celebrations. In addition, Russia has declared 2013 as the Year of Environmental Protection, 2014 2020 Russia proposed environmental protection plan. Earlier this year, Putin signed a decree that the 2017 Russia is set to Eco, aims to raise awareness of the social ecological issues, ensuring conservation of biodiversity, strengthening ecological construction safety. November 2, 2008, Medvedev signed an eco-Year Plan, proposed to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment, and with particular reference to issues of ecological protection of Lake Baikal and the Arctic. Environmental protection is a pain in my heart many countries, Russia is also facing deforestation in recent years, frequent forest fires, soil erosion, pollution of rivers and lakes and other serious problems. According to Tian net netWater is joining the agency learned that the Russian foot work in environmental protection, Russia plans to manage timber are numbered, since 2017 piloted in timber smuggling serious Irkutsk region, a series of measures for the protection of the environment in Russia .

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