Water purifier can refbusiness to increase sales of Apple ph

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   hunger marketing, refers to the commodity provider intends to lower production in order to achieve the regulation of supply and demand, manufacturing demand "illusion", higher commodity prices and maintain margins marketing strategy. In practice all kinds of cases are on hunger marketing, the most influential is undoubtedly the Apple phone. Recently it said, from the beginning to the 2010 iPhone4 recent highly touted iPhone6, Apple products often out of stock in the country. On the one hand is the fanatical pursuit of consumers, on the other hand is a full line of stock products, in such contradiction between supply and demand, the market is always in some kind of relative "hunger" state, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of its Apple product prices , ownership of product upgrades, as well as the channel, and even control of the entire value chain of the industry. Perhaps Apple may really exist production capacity, but we still see the successful use of hunger in their marketing strategy to promote the brand. Apples use of the consummate marketing hunger, water purifier enterprises should learn something.




enterprises to improve water purifier sales can refer to Apples marketing hunger phone

   First, water purifier companies will be marketing the product quality must be good if quality there are problems, consumers have found the buy back, which would only notorious, condemning one.

   Second, do a good job of online and offline campaign trail, manufacture topics, manufacture expectations, so that the product itself will be able to carry certain topic of conversation. And products will have popularity, companies offer products to attract the participation of everyone.

   then, to have the interests of guidance, promotional, etc., such as Apple phone buy one get one (a refers to a telephone card or something), such as millet limited edition mobile phone even made 100,000 phone hundred Yuan Bo Hao Electronics set, buy one get one free first-class. In short, we have to get some additional benefits from your product.

   Finally, the control volume. The so-called control sales, making it the appearance of short supply, so that everyone mad rush to buy, in fact, just published figures out of control, creating a shortage of surface phenomena, secretly secretly hard sellers.

   hunger marketing Always be flexible and ready to adjust the way the actual market situation. Consumers desire to be affected by various factors of the market, resulting in constant change, changes in consumer behavior also occurs irregularly, emotional transfer, impulse purchaseAlso often buy things. Therefore, close monitoring of market trends, improve mobility and rapid response is the most important.

   water purifier enterprises should also learn to use hunger marketing to create their own piece of the sky.

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