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  Internet + "is the" Internet + various traditional industries ", but this is not a simple sum of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and Internet platform for Internet and traditional industries into the



   Internet + "is the" internet + various traditional industries ", but this is not a simple sum of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and internet platform for internet and traditional sectors of the depth of integration, creating new ecological development. Water purification device industry with the development of the network, competition among water purifier brand will greatly fought to a virtual network. All walks of life want to occupy their market share on the network. Water purification industry is no exception, so the majority of water purifier manufacturers of road network marketing in the end Gairuhezou it?

   experience start from a focus on the corporate website users. Now many in the water purifier business website, text plus picture information is the most important news of publicity, so that users can quickly understand the latest news related products. However, many companies only stay in the primary stage of the sales network, there are many problems. A lot of water purifier business website, are mainly a water purifier Display website, never even got a marketing purpose, many sites also just as a facade company can not become between businesses and consumers intermediate links. Then on the transmission of information exquisite detail, so that visitors to browse the contents of arbitrary interest, provided communication tools for interaction with website visitors, the first time to understand customer needs, create the perfect service experience.

   can work with the major portals. Many water purifier manufacturers know that online media is an important channel for sales promotion, but also know the products and services by Internet users search habits and customer interest in supplying a wide range of people, will be able to demonstrate the superiority of one step ahead and selling the companys products, win good reputation and seize market opportunities, rapidly increasing sales and popularity.

   full use of the micro channel. Micro-channel software is not just a chat, but a good platform for businesses to show corporate image, but also can effectively allow enterprises and consumers interact, it is an effective and important marketing tool. But the present situation, the official micro-channel a lot of water purifier business evolved into a simple content delivery tool, push content to have a certain theme, strategic, systematic push.

   Although the network marketing water purification industry, there are still many problems and defects, but network marketing is an effective way of water purifier manufacturers to gain market share, should regulate the development of water purification industry together.

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