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   With the continuous improvement of peoples health and drinking water safety awareness, water purifier penetration rate is soaring straight. For consumers, the choice of water filter will normally consider two factors: First, the brand, the second is the price, which is what we call value for money. Water purifier price? Water purification agents should pay attention to.



   1, the price of water purifiers how much would be appropriate? Manufacturers set prices to be reasonable

   for water purifier manufacturers, pricing should fully consider the market, combined with their own actual situation to set prices based on market prices. In general, water purifier manufacturers to set prices in three, ex-factory price, the selling price and the national retail price maintenance. In addition it seems fresh water, water purifier manufacturers to develop these three types of prices must be centered on the interests of consumers. So that consumers feel a real value for money, price is not too high or ridiculously low, namely, to maintain normal development of water purification market continues, the only way to ensure that product sales.

   On the other hand, once the water purifier manufacturers to set prices, it is recommended not to be easily changed. After some water purifier manufacturers to set prices a week or a half months after the change, so often change, water purification agents and consumers are difficult to accept.

   2, water purifier price is how much? Water purification agents set prices for consumers to consider

   a lot of water purification agents business for pure profit, tend to loom buy seven or eight thousand, although the money earned, but has lost credibility. Business profit is of course important, but we must pursue a reasonable profit. Water purification agents recommended prices to fully consider the local economic situation and consumers eliminate the actual situation, only the combination of these factors set the price is science.

   In addition, water purification agents once setting prices can not arbitrarily change. The best prices can be maintained for a period of time is fixed, not today, tomorrow, given the price had changed. Yesterdays price is 3000, today the price becomes 2500, so in order to buy consumer psychology 3000 products, of course, is make life difficult.Even no matter how good the product, if such consumers more, also sent a brand reputation, brand reputation once poor, want to do business difficult, and these are a link and one, I hope net water is the real agents of the price seriously, not as unfounded rhetoric. Users patronize you once, you are free to change the price to be damaged, do you think consumers will patronize you?

   water purifier price? Add fresh water purifier how about the price? fresh water plus product positioning in high-end quality water purifiers, water purifier market price close to the people priced at around 5-6 thousand dollars, much domestic mass consumer groups alike. Due to the different agents around the franchisee where the regional economic environment, the selling price will inevitably be different. Overall, however, add fresh water purifier product cost is very high.

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