[Home] home store through Redstar won $ 50 million B round o

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   September 2017, Chengdu home-logistics limited liability company 50 million yuan successfully completed B round of financing, the investor is in the home store industry has the absolute leadership of Redstar Group Co., Ltd. home. The successful completion of this financing, operation mode means through home and future development has been recognized by the capital market.

   as a home stores, and home Meikailong logistics industry itself has a close cooperation, while the household investment logistics enterprises, which means the beginning of the line home store and Logistics home frequently, closely cooperate, the new mode will open the home services industry. Home through from its inception, has been committed to the Chinese domestic logistics industry to solve the "last kilometer" problem.

   people know that the furniture industry, furniture sales service last kilometer biggest problem, the biggest obstacle is the electricity supplier from the line to the next line. A survey shows that, since 2010, second only to Chinas domestic food, clothing and household appliances, has become Chinas fourth largest consumer goods. Given the large scale of production and consumption, the market for household logistics and after-sales service requirements of increasingly higher for household service enterprises, must provide more professional, high-quality personnel, more systematic. Comprehensive service system, more efficient and timely service timeliness.

   home Qualcomm CEO Jiang Jidong told reporters that the B financing purposes, will combine the resources of the industry, to develop the whole package store business, to build 50 core cities nationwide Direct loading and unloading the warehouse, to further strengthen the "last kilometer "quality of service, improve service efficiency. Increase capital investment in information technology, to create a multi-category, multi-service type, service standardization wisdom logistics services platform.

   It is understood that the home through self-built and integrated logistics resources, equipped with resources, by optimizing warehousing, data analysis, and professional training to address aging home sales, end of service defects, the formation of the Internet, the traditional online and offline sales sales online and offline interconnection and electricity suppliers support businesses. Up to now, the country has a home through 625 cities, more than 2,000 regional professional distribution installation team that can meet the needs of integrated services Internet large logistics at any time, to achieve national coverage without blind spots equipped, completely changed the pattern of household logistics industry, at the same time, it is the last kilometer to solve the problem of logistics home to a large extent, become the industry pioneer and innovator.

   Redstar is the worlds largest specifications, the largest number of large commercial mall, so a strong hand in the home through investors, bringing not only capital but also the resources, we have reason to believe there will be a better future through home development, strategic cooperation between the two will certainly lead to positive effects in the home and home services, and it will certainly have a positive and far-reaching impact on the Chinese domestic market.

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