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   In recent years, although the number of people using the water purifier has increased, but the rumors about the water purifier has never stopped, for example, for a long time to drink water purifier harmful to health and may lead to osteomalacia. Is that right? Which brand of water purifier?



   In fact, before the elimination of rumors, let me tell you clearly, just purified water purifiers, filtration out impurities in the water and harmful substances, does not have the care, treatment and beauty features. But because everyone has questions, so today I come to you do answer!

   drinking water purifier water can cause rickets?

   [ 123] Indeed, the filter of the water purifier pure water does not contain any trace elements needed by the body calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other minerals, but less than the original content. In fact, the occurrence of rickets is mainly related to a variety of reasons, such as insufficient vitamin D intake, low calcium or calcium and phosphorus content ratio is inappropriate and insufficient sunshine. Despite the reduction in the content of trace elements in pure water, but little effect on the human body. Moreover, the human body needs elements are usually obtained from food, and never heard of get in the water main, and therefore did not have a direct relationship.

   water purifier filter arsenic exceeded?

   This problem is mainly due to the quality inspection departments of those unqualified water purifier brand spot checks, the emergence of arsenic content exceeded more water purifier brand, water purifier brands but not all have failed. Consumers only need to choose to buy the regular, qualified and approved of water purification products, you can avoid this problem.

   So which brand of water purifier good Lets look at what a good brand of water purifiers:?

   water purifier which brand of good fresh water plus water purifier

   plus fresh water is a dark horse in the field of clean water, good quality of their products, unique style, with a number of technology patents, with and relatively higher household usageCost-effective. Since its inception, has been focused on adding fresh water, water purification industry, not blindly expand the field of impure water, to focus resources on water purification product development, production, manufacture and marketing, after several studies and specialized research, not only to ensure quality, and protect drinking water no risk. Products by consumers.

   The good

   Which brand of water purifier water purifier Omata

   After years of development and efforts, it has become Omata water purification field of well-known brands. With abundant capital and strong R & D capabilities, products of good quality, variety, stylish, very suitable for young city. In order to improve the purification effect, the use of multi-stage purification filter layer by layer, and the development of advanced purification technology to achieve clean pure water, it can be filtered and drink immediately, so that everyone can drink without waiting.

   The good

   Which brand of water purifier water purifier US

   As Chinas leading home appliance company, Midea Group is currently in China one of the higher usage and home appliances brand well-received. Transformation in the United States purifier products is earlier. Although the current home water purifier products are manufactured by a manufacturer cooperation, but cooperation of the United States of manufacturers demanding higher product quality assurance. Chinese family life in fresh water in the United States is one of the indispensable brand.

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