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   June 11, 2019, Shenzhen Hi-Tech Technology Co., Ltd. Le Bang "Dakon" really big net whole house water purification system startup will be held at home multifunctional meeting rooms Dulux Group, "Dakon" big net marketing Center team of more than 20 water purifier sales elites from all over the country participated in the Shenzhen back will start.




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   Large net whole house water purification system really has been carefully planned and nearly six months preparation, in May 2019 a successful pilot. In the course of large net whole house water purification system really intense preparations, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a data report in the PRC, the report concluded predicted future water purifier market will show two major trends, and the whole house the water purifier is an irresistible trend, this is just proof of advanced layout "Dakon" big net in the water purifier market positioning and marketing planning of.


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   to start the meeting, General Manager Mr. Song Liu step to the scene full of confidence net sales of the big national elite brief review of the preparatory process for the strategic positioning of large net really the whole house water purification system, and explain in detail the whole house really big net water purification system. The launch marks a big net will officially enter the field of water purification whole house, the whole house water purifier market has become a very fighting of Iron. With the continuous expansion of whole house water purification market demand, large net whole house water purification system will surely true in the new era of clean water marketing the wind and waves, sail!


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Large net water purifier sales of the elite in the meeting seriously start taking notes [ 123]

   large net whole house water purification is actually true for the whole house water classification and processing according to the use of water. So as to achieve different purposes, different functions with water purifier to solve, to further meet the needs of different clients. Ill show you a super good news is this really a whole house water purification system is very affordable, usually you buy a water purifier of money, you can enjoy the benefits of this 4-5 sets of water purifier. And large net will always stick to it, so that more consumers with competitive price, enjoy life clean water for your family.



   Large net sales of the elite all oath start the meeting!


   "Great Love, net of the world." Large net has been the spirit of "let the water cleaner, happier people" business philosophy into the household, consumers across the country by the praise and praise points. There can only love the net world, large net always at the forefront of the times in order to better the quality, health drink of water for each family to contribute. Water purification, large net has been on the road!



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   Shenzhen Le Bang Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hi-Tech Group, a family Dulux focus on water purification research and development, production, sales, service one of the brand operators, specializing in providing safe and healthy drinking water equipment company. The company was founded in 1999, we are committed to the future of Chinese water quality research and effective solutions. Health and safety of the use of water purification technology, providing different areas, water purification solutions customized for different purposes. Innovative marketing methods, the first to introduce the concept of sub-quality water purifiers, water purification aspire to high-quality products, value pricing and service, for customers to solve a full range of drinking water issues, leading advocates of the original ecological health values.

   Its brand "big net Dakon" are Germany, the German design, a new era of global manufacturing, global sales of high-end brand, its products and Chinas space, Vanke, Suning and other companies in the same water purifier standard quality, manufacturing processes collinear production.

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