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   have your water purification industry Weekly News Express please check! Last week (April 16 --22 days) water purification industry can be described as dynamic frequency: Wu Zun appeared Patio Lynx guard the mother river cruises live hand in hand, Dr. Tang Shiping, chairman of access to water Indonesian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the United States won the 2018 China water purifier 100 companies list water purification, water purifiers St. CCTV upgrade help promote the United States market, water purifier knowledge has been written into textbooks ...

   Wu Zun appeared Patio Lynx cruise ship live together, "the guardian of the mother "

   April 16, Patio Huangpu River in Shanghai", "held on the cruise ship" guardian of the Mother River "public live Lynx No. Patio, Patio brand ambassador Wu Chun appeared in the studio that night , together with the Patio, call attention to water pollution, enhance human life on the river protection, to improve the water environment Adds a firewood.



   [micro comment Water is the source of life, attention to water pollution, protect water environment and our health are closely related. Since 2016, "20 percent of Chinese families to improve the health conditions of drinking water" has become a new vision Patio.

   Dr. Tang Shiping, chairman of access to water Indonesian Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

   April 18, Dr. Tang Shiping, chairman of the water during a visit Indonesia, invited to Yu Group headquarters, with the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia Secretary-General and Mr. Yu Changming Group chairman Yu held a formal meeting.


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   [] micro-assessment visit strong impetus to the friendly relations between their enterprises in Indonesia, Dr. depth development of the water purifier market in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia has great significance.

   United States won the 2018 China water purifier water purifier 100 companies list

   April 19, to "go all out for the first energy efficiency, clean water will be in the end" as the theme of the 2018 third China water purifier brand Summit awards ceremony held in Beijing, at the summit, the US water purification with its strong brand strength, strong consumer acceptance and product innovation and R & D capabilities, the certification authority and industry of the Organizing committee , won the "2018 China top 100 enterprises list in water purification," "2018 Chinese commercial water purification 10 companies" two honors, become a well-deserved shining star on the summit, the focus of audience.



   [] micro-assessment as the worlds water purification technology to create Walker, the US water purification will launch new products every year to meet consumer demand, which is behind the development of enterprise product research and innovation continue to pursue , the so-called quality cast honor.


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