Storm water will affect you

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   heavy rains will affect the tap water it? Does not affect, because the water delivery process is closed, the manufacturing process is very complex, under normal circumstances would not cause water affected, took in small series to explain.




for modern life, the quality of material life are required, use a little good things, drinking water is particularly important, related to the vital interests of every household, then tap how it was safe to drink? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point. Or someone will ask heavy rains will affect the tap water it? Let me talk about that right under running water.


refers to a water purification by water treatment plants, produced after disinfection compliance with the corresponding standards for human life, water production use. Domestic water is drawn through the main water intake pumping station of rivers, lakes and groundwater, surface water, the water plant in accordance with "relevant national drinking water health standards", after sedimentation, disinfection, filtration and other treatment processes, and finally through with the water pump station delivered to each user.


After the water is a complex multi-channel process, specialized equipment manufactured by the drinking water. Process water is as follows:


First, the water must be extracted from water into rivers and lakes (different regions of different water intake, drinking water directly affects the quality of a region);

   [123 ] and then after coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, into the clean water tank and after sterilization by high-pressure feed pump input water pipe, the main pipe is generally used prestressed concrete pipe, steel pipe, PE pipe, ductile iron pipe and other pipe;


   user taps to the final split. The whole process to go through several water quality testing, in some places even after the second pressure, the secondary disinfection user to enter the home.


   the world safe water disinfection ozone sterilization method, but this method of treatment costs are too expensive, and ozone-treated water and its retention time is limited, as to how long it can be retained , there is not a precise concept. Therefore, only a small number of developed countries only use this approach.


   These are the small series of explanations about water, after heavy rain is not going to have much effect on the water, it will not affect peoples normal use, we put as much as possibleHeart consumption. Drinking more families to do in small knowledge of this site.




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