Three simultaneous outbreak of contaminated water purifiersr

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   Water is an essential part of our human existence on Earth conditions, water quality directly affects our health, but in recent years, with the accelerated pace of construction of modern society, human increased economic activity, economic development and social prosperity of industrial production, while energy-intensive, a large number of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage discharged to water bodies, the situation of increasing water pollution, water pollution on the surrounding environment and each microorganisms and so there are a lot of harm. Over time, it will be a threat to human safety and health. So now we are more concerned about water pollution, what does? At present, the major water pollution industrial pollution, agricultural pollution and water pollution in these three lives.

   First, the industrial water pollution

   industrial development, social progress, it has a very important role in the promotion, each year all kinds of industrial production will be dedicated to Chinas economic development to a force, but because Chinas industrial technology is not leading, so that leads to a large number of energy consumption, industrial pollution emissions than larger, leading to increased environmental pollution, and industrial pollution discharged into water bodies, has resulted in a greater normal water for the environment and residents the impact theory at present, industrial water pollution is already solved things.

   Second, agricultural water pollution

   source of agricultural water pollution more widely, on the one hand, along with some high-polluting enterprises to rural areas and municipal solid waste in rural areas continue to expand, resulting in previously rural ecological environment and water have been destroyed, but, on the other hand, chemical irrational agricultural emissions also increased the pace of agricultural water pollution, many of the chemical substances discharged into water bodies which, added a lot to the water sources, thus causing unimaginable environmental and water hazards, agricultural production and use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plastic sheeting significant increase in the total amount of livestock and poultry aquaculture continues to expand, a large number of emissions and disorderly discharge waste water in rural life, rural and ecological environment agricultural product safety problems have become more convex, severely restrict the sustainable development of the rural economy. Effective protection of water resources is not only the needs of farmers, but also an urgent need for rural development.

   Third, the living water pollution

   pollution caused by sewage also not be underestimated, more than two decades, our country has made a lot of effort in terms of water pollution, also made some results, but deterioration of water environmentThe situation is still not been effectively controlled, the problem of water pollution has threatened the people living restricting the economic and social development, the problem facing very serious.

   water for our survival and life is indispensable. And now the increasingly serious water pollution problem we have is urgent need to resolve the matter, so, when we have a sense of ownership and do our best to start from the side of the little start, so that pollution away from us, but also we have a safe and healthy water environment! Today, three major pollution outbreak at the same time, water purifiers or the best way to end water purification!

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