Water purifier can solve the problems of youfoumajoproblems

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   use a water filter, drinking water quality problems can be solved fundamentally, as to what the benefits of four sentences is enough



   The first point:?! Solve water secondary pollution

   after chlorine disinfection of water, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove heavy metals and other volatile substances; tap water via a conduit conveying distance, the secondary pollution vulnerable so basically people will choose to boil the drink, but only boil solve bacterial problems, not solve the sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile matter and bacteria "corpse" and other issues, will not be drinking water quality fundamentally improved, but will also have serious health risks.

   Second: selecting an alternative preferred bottled water

   bottled water bucket ranging from about 8 to 16 yuan, high cost, and this is a considerable proportion of the water purifier or a large-sized machining tap water, there is little natural mineral water; the same time the short shelf life of bottled water, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, susceptible to contaminants in the air pollution, and therefore is not an ideal solution for drinking water.

   The third point: unlike the extremely high cost of bottled water

   bottled water is classified as a small number of rich families daily with water, but it cost too high, and bottled water is clean water, lack of trace elements and minerals, long drink to human health should not be, the effect may not be as water purifiers.

   The fourth point: drink reach the standard, low cost

   purifier can effectively separate and remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment and other impurities in the water and harmful substances, and the cost of bottled water is relatively much lower, good water taste, good quality, family is the ideal solution for drinking water .

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