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   In water purification coconut shell activated carbon is mainly raw materials, the appearance of a columnar-shaped particles, having a large specific surface area, developed pore structure, high mechanical strength, strong adsorption, low and high purification, impurities, etc. easy regeneration. Citric acid has a great effect on the water purification effect, not only can remove the stench smell, but also improve the purity of the water, and a variety of harmful substances in water and organic matter can be removed.


   water purification activated carbon adsorption of organic matter and organic matter affected by the distribution of pore properties, mainly affect the polarity and molecular size by organics. The organics were the same size, the greater the solubility, the more strongly hydrophilic, activated carbon adsorption its worse, on the contrary, has a relatively small solubility, poor hydrophilicity, weakly polar organic compound such as benzene, phenol compounds and the like strong adsorption capacity.

   Although water purification activated carbon adsorption capacity greatly, but after the activated carbon filter out of the water is not drinkable, needs through the membrane filtration technology mix to use, in order to meet the standards of drinking water. Further, the activated carbon adsorption capacity is limited, after a certain period of time, the adsorption is saturated, the timely replacement when needed.

   Activated carbon is widely used water purification in sewage treatment, which treatment fields of environmental pollution and chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical purified, military chemical protection.

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