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  Today Snow: Snow season and what an interesting history and custom publishing site: Published: 2018-12-07 every year on December 6 or 7, is the snow solar terms round solar terms in this twenty-four solar terms in the first 21 solar terms, the year has gradually come to an end. "Yue Ling seventy-two waiting Annals" said:. "Snow festival in November is greater, but so far the snow Sheng Sheng also carry on.." Visible light snow and heavy snow, rain, Guyu and the like, is also a relevant precipitation solar terms. First, the snow must it snow? Speaking of snow solar terms, many people will have a misunderstanding, that the snow solar terms, between heaven and earth should be all over the vast snow. In fact, every year around the snow solar terms, our country from south to north where the snow is not really special, snow did not particularly large. After all, with precipitation, the so-called "small high mountain month, get to the bottom" of the whole country from the north of the southern winter precipitation is less than normal. So, no less snow snow solar terms why call it? In fact, this snow, and the snow in front of a solar terms, talking about the problem probability of snow or snow probability problem. Just like round solar terms in the Big Chill Osamu, not to say that day will be very cold, but to describe the degree of icing on the ground, like the possibility of heavy snow means that snow is increasing. Some scholars believe that snow is coming snow season, snow is snow season appearance, which also has some truth. Snow when the snow is over with the next of, and later to the heavy snow snow, snow on the ground there. The ancients Twenty-four solar terms in solar terms are each divided into three candidates for climate characteristics more accurately describe moral courage. Snow three candidates is: "first-designate, Annotation to Dan and sing two candidates, the tiger began to pay three candidates, Lai elongation..." The beginning of waiting, Annotation to (h猫) Dan (d脿n) and sing. Annotation to Dan, according to two Jinguo Pu "dialects," says: "like chicken, hairless winter, day and night Ming that cold numbers worms." The ancients believed that the bird is a yang, very aggressive, so used to describe fighters. But Yam snow solar terms of the weather is, so to Annotation to Dan before and after the snow is no longer tweet. two candidates, beginning tiger cross. Yam is the snow solar terms, the so-called "anti-movement of the Tao also" among Yam also contains the seed of yang, yin and yang, which is the ancient concept of conversion. As a beast king tiger, feel a little sprout yang between heaven and earth, he began mating behavior. Three candidates, Lai elongation. Lai is a plant that is what we are talking aboutMalan flower. This plants root system is well developed, can be used to make brushes. Before and after the snow solar terms, this plant "sense yang while pumping new shoots sprout", also reflects the ancient yin and yang conversion, the concept of the boom-bust. Second, flesh and wine, eating snow proverb says: "snow mountain, snow freeze-up." In ancient times, to the snow before and after the climate has actually not for the people to travel. So there are words said Song: "... Xuanshuang Jiang Xue scattered for Tyurin Valerian last night westerly breeze, preferably, sleep season" pay attention to a nature autumn winter provisions, the law of human behavior must conform 4:00, this season to take a rest. But then, we Chinese people has always been industrious. If not to field work, at home looking for something to do. Moreover, heavy snow solar terms of the lunar calendar is already November, and then soon the New Year, eat and drink costs, also need to do to prepare. There is a saying "pickles snow, snow bacon" argument. Every old snow solar terms, in some places in Nanjing, every household began busy preparing bacon, known as the "salty goods." This pickled foods, both to prepare for the New Year, but also easy to save another fact to consider, after all, in ancient times there is no refrigerator freezer. Bacon around the specific practices vary, of course, it is generally used as the Nanjing Oshio add star anise, cinnamon, pepper, sugar and other wok fry, fried flower salt and pepper to be had after cool thoroughly, apply both inside and outside the fish, meat and poultry light , repeatedly rubbing until turned dark flesh color of fresh liquid exudation surface, then even the remaining salt into the meat cylinder, stone pressed, the backlight in cool place, after half removed, showing the salted wok marinade boil water, skim foam, into the poultry meat to dry, a cylinder code layers, poured into brine, and then press the big stone, taken 10 days later, the sun roof hanging under dry dry (Qiubing Jun: "Chinese people twenty-four solar terms"). A few years ago a home for the elderly miss this ancient flavor of pickled old child, but can not buy slightly. cold winter, with the meat, how can no wine? The ancients had a "winter wine", which refers to the beginning of winter, beginning of spring until the second year of the period brewed rice wine. Snow season, too, are inside this range. It is said that wine selection winter, because winter is chilly water, the temperature is not high, can easily inhibit the propagation of bacteria, but also make wine can calmly and slowly brewing mellow flavor at low temperature fermentation process. Of course, the ancient ancestors may not know the scientific reason, but the experience gave him the same lifeTheir infinite wisdom. Third, the ice and snow, a different view now winter, unlike ancient times has been so tough. We work as usual, go to school, on weekends and holidays encountered snow, but also happy to get their friends to enjoy a snow. But in ancient times, this spiritual quest, more or wealthy class exclusive. Song of the "Tokyo Midtown" there reads: "Although there is no festival this month sequence, while Hao your home, in case of snow, which means feast, plastic snow lion, snow install lights to be old pro." Southern Song "martial arts News "also has a record:" ban the snow, and more Royal Mingyuan floor after the Court into the size of the snow lion, and with golden bell color thread for decoration and for snow, snow, lights, snow-capped mountains and the like, and drop cakes to flowers and. all events and to Jinpen Sheng Jin, for admiration. "My Fair Lady, with winter clothes, holding heaters, camellia naturally more beautiful. snow flurries long season, cemented water ice, ice is hiding a good time. When it comes to storing ice, some people may think that ancient people no refrigerator, no to the scorching summer cold to eat. In fact, really is not the case, our ancestors had to take a winter ice from the ice storage pre-Qin period, pending customary use in the summer. For example, "The Book of Songs" in there "day two of ice chisel rushing, third day of admittance to Ling Yin" in sentences. In ancient royalty and wealthy families, many of them have a special room built of ice with ice. Tibetan winter ice in the summer time, you can come up with to use. Or used to cool or cold drink production, make their life more comfortable at the same time, the summer ice cold drink, but also a very good business too! Today, it is the heavy snow, snow you home yet?

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