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  Did you find this a problem? Once home without water, the water becomes very muddy water again.



   Do you find this a problem? Once home without water, the water becomes very muddy water again.

   why the usual home of the water, watching the clear without any problems? And it becomes dirty again after a disruption of water supply to the water?

   We also pipes with the same tank, usually a small amount of impurities flows to our homes, but when the water supply and the water supply pressure becomes large, previously deposited in the pipeline will be out of impurities so that the water becomes muddy home!

   Another cause is because the water pipe break sediment and other substances into the water.

   Of course, water pipes should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the home tap water is more terrible.

   In fact, our water pipes and water tower after a more or less will be contaminated, just to look at the frequency of cleaning, and more than a few impurities in the water will be less.

   tap water is necessary for our family life, if the water can not guarantee this, then our health would be threatened!

   Therefore, water purifiers need it? M sure is the need! ! ! Because effective solution to the water problem of secondary pollution We currently no way.




   water as the source of life, is mankinds survival and development of precious resources, our water resources is essential for life, the incidence of the human body all chemical reactions are carried out with water as a medium.

   no water can not be absorbed nutrients; oxygen can not be delivered to a desired site; nutrients can not reach its site of action; waste can not be discharged; metabolism will stop.

   Water pollution caused by harmful chemicals or reduced water loss value is used, environmental pollution, sewage acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic compounds such as benzene, dichloroethane ethylene glycol and other organic toxins, poison the aquatic life will affect drinking water sources, the landscape.

   After uptake of organic matter in sewage is decomposed by microorganisms when oxygen in the water, the aquatic life impact, dissolved oxygen depletion, organic matter intakeOK anaerobic decomposition, produce hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other unpleasant gases, so that further deterioration of water quality.

   real existence of water pollution, water pollution, even if you do not see the report, do not watch the news on water pollution, but you can not guarantee that every day to drink water is clean, the human race can no longer be deceiving. So what is the relationship between water purifier and water pollution


   due to the development of societies, undermine the quality of human activities on the planet suffer from severe pollution, water for people living at the same time to hire serious Pollution.

   According to the survey, one third of the worldwide annual household water is difficult to evaluate the prevalence of the annual number of people suffering water pollution 45 million people, and continues to grow each year.

   because of water pollution and the deaths of 3,000 people, mostly children, and for China, the majority of urban water are a security risk.

   In recent years, the factory gradually shift to rural areas, part of the rural drinking water problem is more serious pollution, water pollution health hazards imminent, must be addressed.

   water pollution led to the birth of water purifiers, water purifiers can be said to protect the health and safety of domestic water contamination in this era of green essential household appliances.

   water purification filter according to the principles of the house tap water through the ultra-filtering filter, can effectively remove the water of acids, bases, oxidizing agents, as well as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other compounds, Common water quality in the sediment, rust, bacteria, etc. can be easily removed.

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