Water purifier watboil afyou have scale

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   after the water boil water purifier has the scale it? The answer is basically no. Take a look at the specific reasons for it.




in boiling water, saw a white floating debris, there should be a lot of people have encountered this problem. Will not help but think, there is not installed before the normal water purification machines, installed a water purifier how there is this problem? A lot of people puzzled, in order to help more people to unlock the hearts of the doubt, Xiao Bian give we make the following specific analysis. They are:


we talk about the cause of the problem: this phenomenon is due to the water of calcium and magnesium ions over produced of water, calcium and magnesium ions to form calcium carbonate can cause excessive heating , magnesium carbonate and other substances. The performance of bulk white precipitate, which does not form intractable scale immediately, this phenomenon itself does not form harm to the body, but the senses can not accept. Scale component is mainly composed of calcium, magnesium, colloid composition of matter, prior to purifying water in a large hardness without purification, prior to filtration calcium and magnesium ions are dissolved in water. For example: long pot of boiling water calcium and magnesium ions attached to the pot bottom will form scale; large hardness after purified water. After purified water purifier, the water colloid to filter out the calcium and magnesium ions is insoluble in water. The cold water is not apparent. After the boiling water it will float on the surface.


First of all, we see the white energy of water to a boil Water float is not released, but the raw water comes. In fact, white mineral raw water floating debris.


UF advantage is that water can not only remove sludge, rust, sand, red worms, heavy metals, bacteria, oxides and other harmful substances, trace elements and also retain the original minerals in the water.


a glass of water seems very clear, in fact, contains numerous invisible substance. Which can be divided into useful substances and harmful substances. Silt, rust, sand, red worms, heavy metals, bacteria, oxides and other natural substances belonging to endanger human health, and trace elements and minerals are necessary for the body element.


which is characterized trace elements and minerals dissolved in water and mud, rust, sand, red worms, heavy metals, bacteria, oxides, etc. are not soluble in water. In general, minerals and trace elements are invisible, but if the heating by the continuous (e.g. for soups) minerals will play the role of chemical, after a collisionThe newly-attached substance precipitated in water and not in scale formation. So if the direct boil tap water used for drinking, pot to boil water after a long hard bottom there will be a layer of black scale.


However, water purification by ultrafiltration using 0.01-0.02 pore size of the micro-sup isolate out all harmful substances insoluble in water, the water leaving only the beneficial water-soluble trace elements and minerals. That way we do not need to drink to harmful substances, you can rest assured to enjoy the water beneficial substances. Because there is no harmful substances in the water-insoluble water energy. Released by heating the minerals have no place to attach, so we see the emergence of white floating debris. If the mineral content of the raw water rich (that is, we often say hard water), the more produce float.


through these presentations, I am sure you know that you do have knowledge of the scale of the water purifier water to a boil after it. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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