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  Vegetation green, all the scenery just, explore the magic, met Yee life



   net ECO LIFE

   vegetation green, all the scenery just, explore the magic, met Yee life

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   in the rapid development of economy and technology today, the city of skyscrapers, commercial clusters, pollution and noise gradually intensifying, it is good for fresh air and chilly water demand and therefore rising.


   For real estate developers, to meet and solve consumer pain point of households must be the development of the Road, so the high cost of land in the center of Xuhui, a unique style, do "private garden" with park hardcover original stone statue of Di - Shanghai Xuhui, Park Road, No. One floor built. Xuhui border project future CBD- more than 22 billion heavily to build large-scale commercial projects Vanke Center in Xuhui, Xuhui to reap the Green Valley Park has 70,000 square meters of green, intelligent and can be described as close to downtown, enjoy the fresh and clean and quiet.


   cover a large area of 鈥嬧€媑reen solve the problem of settlements air, to provide users with good pure water became real estate developers need to overcome new topic. Following the cooperation with hundreds of high-end real estate, EcoWater again after many tests to prove their strength, success stationed in Xuhui, Park Road No. One block south, supply EcoWater prefilter MASF1, central water softener works LCS series and ultrafiltration drinking straight 800FFDC clean drinking water purification Bao intelligent combination of a total of 600 sets, the guardian of the household drinking water health, build quality Yi life.

   As the prefilter first off home water purification, which can effectively block large particles of impurities, contaminants from entering the fresh water conduit family, extended periods of time wading device. EcoWater MASF1 prefilter used to strengthen the function of UV filter housing, inlet 100 micron stainless steel filter with high precision, the effective removal of the water the precipitate was wading protective equipment and fittings, long life, safety worry.


   EcoWater soft water, soft water for household use of sophisticated manufacturing process, water is removed fouling factor, wading protective appliances, skin care, hair and other advantages smooth deep loved by women.


   The presence of Xuhui, Park Road, No. One of the central water softener series is the LCS-10 Enhanced EcoWater music soft LCS-20 engineering and luxury, this water softener series is designed for Chinese customers engineering, real estate developer of tailor-series models, all components designed and manufactured by EcoWater, user-friendly batch control; can automatically predict the amount of salt, automatic regeneration, automatic recording of domestic water cycle, and its small size, saving space.







   EcoWater ultrafiltration drink straight 800FFDC clear drink intelligent Po, using external pressure type hollow fiber membrane, 0.01 micron filter accuracy can effectively filter harmful substances and other volatile organic compounds, that the drink; own cleaning function, greatly extend filter life.


   EcoWater Systems, tenants drinking water from "concern" to "excellent", net enjoy high quality water life.

   Property Background:

   Xuhui Park Road No. One is located in Xuhui Humin Binyang Road intersection, the park is 70,000 square meters hardcover original stone statue of Di, bordering Xuhui future CBD- heavily built more than 22 billion large-scale commercial projects Vanke Xuhui center. Project includes two 18-storey residential, a 5-storey residential, Hong Kong Ya Boao Dayton, United States Geqiao Zhi, the Shanghai rafters, three Chinese and foreign design firms to create joint design. Articles 23 overall planning, divided into north and south two land development, size ranging from 90-200 level, adopt a whole stone facade and hardcover delivery.

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