To the role ion water



   the deionized water is water through the cation exchange resin, the cation resin is absorbed by the water, then the role of deionized water, what does? Let small as we explain explain it.




Since water is a universal solvent dissolves in water in nature there are many types of salts, and these salts have a certain degree of ionization in the water to produce many types anions and cations, deionized water is removed ionic water, deionized water is safe to drink it?


can drink, in fact, now the home of bottled purified water is deionized water. Due to the removal of ions in water, so the dissolution of nature beneficial to humans mineral water is also removed, in order to reduce long-term references a way to get minerals, lets take a look at the role of deionized water which it.


1, research institutions, enterprises laboratory water;


2. Preparation of industrial electronics, such as funnels, CRT, liquid crystal displays, circuit boards, computer hard drive, an integrated circuit chip, single-crystal semiconductor and other desired process deionized water, deionized water, high;


3, chemical industry process water, deionized water as the widely used conventional solvents, such as chemical reaction of the cooling water; chemicals , fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process with deionized water;


4, biopharmaceutical, water for injection, oral dosage deionized water and artificial dialysis;


5, beverage industry water as drinking water, distilled water, mineral water, wine blending brew water and deionized water;


6, the electroplating industry with deionized water, such as automobiles, household appliances, building materials, surface coating, cleaning turbid water; coated glass deionized water;


7, the battery industry deionized water;


8, thermal, thermal power plant steam for deionized water.


Above is Xiaobian to introduce the role of deionized water, which everyone should be aware of deionized which can be used in the field of it, if you want to know more knowledge of small household drinking water, please continue to browse other sections of this site content bar.




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