The development of water purification industrys fight is the


   Water is the source of human life, the magic water purifier is to tap into the multi-pass filter to purify drinking water, so loved by the people, as China is increasing water pollution, water purifier promotion universal imperative, from tap water to pure water has become the peoples demand, a water purification industry trends visible.

   However, after-sales status of Chinas water industry is not optimistic. China Household Electrical Appliances Association has released "China water treatment products consumer research report," The report shows that consumer dissatisfaction with service water purification products. Currently, many water purification company in order to pursue high profits, the standard of service has repeatedly reduced, even after many consumers buy the product, in the subsequent after-sales service businesses and manufacturers often encounter the phenomenon of buck-passing, leading after-sale problems, He has been unable to solve. There are also some small businesses, there is no sale, after consumers buy their products, identify problems, especially water purifier installed, simply could not be contacted after-sales, there is no guarantee safe drinking water.



   When it comes to service, to do service is a more difficult thing, no matter what industry, market competition is ultimately a competition for the customer, whether it is the sale of products or sale service, customer satisfaction is the ultimate test of the success of marketing efforts. Features water purifier water purifier determine the importance of service, pre-sales and after-sales service is equally important for water purifiers, the point is to fully understand the customer, customer psychology research, attention to detail sale, improvements shortcomings, improve service quality, through full service in exchange for customer loyalty. Timely remedy mistakes, correct mistakes, and effective handling of customer complaints and other service measures become the most effective way to ensure that the interests of consumers of water purification equipment, but also to demonstrate the companys image to make a show.

   But now some of the water purifier manufacturers, distributors, water purifier brands are just focusing on pre-sale services, after-sales service can not keep away. They think that as long as the products sold can, after-sales problems can be solved, but it did not. Water industry and other products are not the same, not simply the product as a water purification products as home appliances continued consumption, the need to continue the service and maintenance of the product, as it requires regular replacement of supplies; from the point of view of product attributes it is electrical, installation and water heaters, air conditioners similar. Services and existing appliance late completely different. Customer and product maintenanceDo not understand the proper use, you need to replace the filter, wash the awareness is not high, such as how long washing time, how long need to replace the filter, how often a maintenance, do not have a clear concept. Therefore, a water purifier problem can not be solved in time for the water purification company customers will lose confidence.

   while many of todays major brands of water purifiers are a professional service team, namely cooperation with third-party service providers to improve water purifier service system. Improve their brand competitiveness, hit both sides of mutual benefit. Water experts and improve service quality, improve service program, standardized service management, adhere to service innovation. With standardized, professional service system to ensure that customers enjoy high-quality and efficient services to meet different customer needs, to improve services to gain the competitive advantage, the real consumers in the consumption process "only pleasure, do not worry , "as the ultimate realization of" zero service "and efforts. The customer as our God, and threw provide customers with uninterrupted high quality service.

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