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  Fuxin outbreak of water pollution, water purifier is imperative! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 267 Published: 2018-9-14 17:18:30 June 24, 2013, the Liaoning Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County is an industrial town, there gathered a large and small processing enterprises agate , led to the rapid development of local economy, every household living on the small building, can be said to live carefree days, but where the residents was not happy. According to the survey, caused by local sources and causes of water pollution, through visits found that, due to local economic development in the extensive management, as well as the Governments role to play not in place, lack of supervision, resulting in water some of the local small business workshops Untreated directly into rivers, through the gradual penetration of contaminated groundwater, which encourages safe groundwater as a drinking water source, so the villagers feedback to say out of the water became green tea, that anonymity uncle Zhang said. The local residents in response to such incidents, many villagers around the long-term "buy water", "by water", while the local town government officials a "polluter pays" the villagers turned away. The villagers also know that this has brought no end of trouble after the contamination of water, afraid of this irrigated land and grow vegetables contaminated, so now the local food basket prices are booming, many villagers do not dare eat their own home-grown vegetables, are sold to overseas, is the fear of eating contaminated food cause disease. This day we had this Da Ye Yue ten years, there are people who have cancer and other incurable diseases, I can not drink it, do not dare eat it, life is more valuable ah, I would rather eat less not willing to spend money to cure it. Since the water has been contaminated, but for the general population but also the end of charge control, can be installed in the home water purifier to solve, can effectively purify the water of organic and inorganic contamination, as well as some bacteria and viruses, he not only can be used for desalination and it can be used in home water purifier.

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