To solve the water industry needs to develop a largplatform


   In the absence of a unified industry standard specifications and prices, uneven quality water purifier, the price disparity is widespread. In addition, after-sales service is one of the major bottlenecks lagging market development of water purifier, some companies simply sell products regardless of service, consumers can not guarantee safety of drinking water, but also to some extent, also dragged down the credibility of the water industry.




To address the needs of the water industry needs to develop a large platform differentiation of consciousness (Photo from Internet)

   consumer awareness of water purification in its infancy

   [ 123] Although China water purifier market is booming, maintained a rapid growth rate, but compared to more than 70% penetration rate in developed countries is concerned, only about 5 percent, household penetration is still very low in China. Hence, there is the vast number of consumers of water industry leading technology and mainstream products general lack of awareness, often do not know how to start in the purchase process, thus enhancing water purification products industry, science and technology education is necessary.

   a lack of consumer awareness, the demand for differentiation is the water industry to be solved

   In fact, the use of safe drinking water purifier does not mean worry-free use in the consumer process, filters, replacement of pipes, maintenance aspect of the problem is likely to cause secondary pollution. If the device does not perform to a certain time after maintenance, replacement, or user of unsafe drinking water. Business sense of service is not in place, will affect the quality of the sense of consumer goods, thus affecting the commodity markets.

   to establish a sound service system imminent sense of service, but the vast Chinese market, different regions there are different issues. Related survey, urban retail market, consumers often encounter logistics, installation, waste water than other issues.

   water purification industry development needs of a large platform integration awareness

   problems encountered in urban markets focused on the level of goods and services, can be resolved through energy-saving products, intelligent means. The problem is actually in the township market access problems, can be improved through innovative sales models and channels services. Haier water purification Deputy General Manager Chen Peng said, including waste water, noise, ease of service, user reminders and other problems, can be solved by building big data platform approach.

   However, water purification Qualification scale parameterPoor missing, most did not serve as the ability of traditional household electrical appliance enterprises. In the rural market is not mature, the ability of water purification companies to develop service network is not necessarily strong, but also face greater financial pressure. Chen Peng believes, based on this situation, water companies can hold together the way to build a joint, shared service system. (Source: Internet)

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