Three future tnd of homwater purifier market


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with the support of national policy, urbanization will become an important driving force for the rapid development of Chinese household water purification industry. With the development of urbanization in China, the future of more than 200 million farmers into the city, will bring changes in lifestyle, the demand will rise sharply in the second and third tier cities, water purifier industry is a great deal of space for development, some industries leading brands have begun to adjust the sales network layout, to three or four cities, rural areas, in-depth development.

   three major trends in the future water purifier market

   distinct north-south in the market gradually disappear

   in the past our water purifier market distribution entirely different. Advantages of the region south of the mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other developed more mature, some of which even the regional market with annual sales of more than $ 200 million. However, subject to environmental factors, the northern water purifier market is in the doldrums, the vast majority of the area is still a gap in the market.

   However, with the development of water purification technology, part of the leading enterprises have gradually opened up the northern markets ice. Products can be used normally in areas of serious water pollution, and Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and other provinces in the north terminal opened sales outlets, has been successfully applied to places north of the hotel, schools, bathing centers, hospitals, villas, residential, etc. , has been fully affirmed by the user. With the continuous development of the market, leading water purifier companies spread throughout the countrys development trend, it will gradually appear in the next few years, gradually break the limitations of the current north-south divide in the region.

   polarization: the strong stronger and the weak weaker

   in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, currently imitated, copied on marketing on simple products can not meet the current competitive situation of , which gives most of the water purifier business has brought new challenges. In addition, a brand of the market is also accelerating the pace of expansion, which many smaller water purifier business has brought a strong squeeze. With the water purifier introduction of energy efficiency standards, water purifier market polarization of the situation will become more thorough. While a number of strong brands by leaps and bounds, some weaker companies to shift as the water purifier channels shrinking, sales decline and other factors in trouble.

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