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in water purification operation, water purification agents has been a manufacturer of "front-line soldiers" always red in the factory front, the first temperature-aware market, agents are not only business tactile , but also a source of nutrients for enterprise development. Because of this, we know that you want to survive the market does not fall, and agents must be unity and cooperation, attention and follow-up support extending down investment dealer, and dealers only good cooperation to achieve win-win situation.

   In fact, manufacturers will always be one, just a lot of water purifier manufacturers have overlooked this point. According to market experience concluded that: to help agents expand, mainly to focus on the following three points:

   First, let the agents to keep fit, to solve the problem of his mind, made him aware of physical fitness It is necessary;

   second, the method of physical fitness to the agency;

   third, is to do with the large and agents.

   to the dealer branding push up, this is one of the best support, while ensuring cost-effective products and a very good show, there is an effective marketing strategy, coupled with a strong marketing team, and cooperative engagement with the dealers, and agents together to do bigger and stronger, instead of letting agents in a person alone. Under this dual force one of the manufacturers, we can develop more and more large agents, agents can gain more market profits.

   shopkeeper to the peddler, peddler by the process of transition to a service provider, we feel the most obvious is the increased competition in the market water purifier agents. At this time, most agencies need to improve their management level is, and the best course is to learn from their partners. If the water purifier manufacturers to be able to provide more management ideas and models to agents, subtle things to put its own transport agents, self-will increase the closeness of bilateral cooperation, and agent loyalty manufacturers also indirectly raises.

   official said, the city should be off the assembly line agents for additional personnel training, renovation subsidy program, try to help alleviate the financial pressure to join partners. After the store opens, but there is a continuing into the store counseling, experience sharing, promotions, advertising support and a series of supportive policies. View, the dealer is not their "down home", but "partner", in cooperation agents, to understand the market, develop marketable products, do our best to help agentsEasily open markets, paved the way for follow-up sales.

   In short, only agents and utmost cooperation, so as to win, representative for wealth and markets, but also to the rapid development of the brand.

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