Professional analysis of the water purifier market Bukanhouh


   In recent years, with the acceleration of the water purifier future we rely on the survival of industrial process water technology, air is increasingly serious pollution problems, such as river water pollution discoloration taste, to our health brought great distress, for ordinary family is healthy to drink clean water is a luxury, people increasingly strong demand for healthy drinking water quality and the current worrying situation, has become a major social contradictions need to be solved. 1, north of Guangzhou and other first-tier cities purifier penetration rate of less than 15%, other small cities of less than 5%. The United States and Europe have already reached 80%. 2, Chinese water pollution is more serious. Water purifier market potential? Water is the source of life. The quality of drinking water quality is closely related to peoples health. According to National Institutes of Health survey: 80 percent of the worldwide occurrence of diseases are associated with poor quality of drinking water related.


   water purifier opportunity

   water purifier water quality in a complex environment abroad need to develop more clean water program, with further upgrade technology and improve the environment of electricity , Oumai Platini pay more attention to the development and promotion of water purifier. Only 10 running from several models to market, to market to the current water purifier products have nearly 50 models. Has a huge influence on the domestic water heater market, many families purchase water purifiers choice. In terms of product safety has antibacterial instant UV security features dual, high-tech over-flow UV antibacterial system, may inhibit the growth of bacteria in the pipeline. Filtered water purification and concentration ratio of 1: 1, so that the water quality has become more environmentally friendly.


   water purifier challenge

   1, water purifier product quality problems. Is the production of water purifier brand more, production conditions and technology vary greatly, resulting in uneven product quality water purifiers. Relatively short lifespan of many products, the industry overall repair rate is high. It is not conducive to further expand the size of the industry.

   2, water purifier market competition is very intense, after all, in the face of limited market cake, the strength is not strong is unable to compete. To this end, home water purifier manufacturers should continue to deepen the channel and do more promotional activities to continue to improve brand influence, speaking for the majority of dealers, the market situation more tense, more to strengthen cooperation with the manufacturers, the two sides together to enhance ability to resist risks To meet new challenges. To the water purifier market in order to remain notDefeated, then it is to continuously upgrade themselves.

   3, with the maturity of the industry, enhance product awareness and consumer demand for water purifiers will experience from the "Select a product" to "Select brand" up this process, corporate brand influence competition in the industry will be the primary factor in the future; how to stand out from the water industry Ebb Tide, rebuild the brand image is the main direction of future development of enterprises.

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