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   in China, the rapid development of the national water pollution, the general population in order to drink a glass of reliable, healthy water in the short term in addition to installing a water purifier really no other better way. Why short-term drink good water can only be resolved by installing a water purifier it?


   First, water pollution has been ingrained, although the country has realized the seriousness of water pollution, and begin treatment, but the lag in some remote areas, residents and the quality of local governance, water pollution continues. In addition. Water governance is the need for a very slow process, there are foreign research showed that current disposal techniques, treatment of a serious pollution of the waters require more than 100 years, the general governance polluted waters also requires 30 - 50 years time. So, fundamentally governance of water resources, the need for more than 30 years, so the natural water purifier became a period of time to obtain healthy water, safe water the most effective way.

   Some experts say: the factory is currently the municipal tap water is safe to drink directly. No matter what the experts say these words first is based on, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believe. However, experts say that people when municipal tap water factory, aware of the factory here, and residents use tap water is transported from the home, and not when they said the factory, the factory Why? Because when water factory there can happen when quality is monitored, and the residents of the homes tap water has a lot of uncertainty in the transportation process, such as transport management aging, magazines precipitation, pipeline damaged by pollution, etc. uncertainties.

   Many urban residents, earlyNot before drinking tap water, bottled water is a commodity instead. Regular factory, bottled water informal channels that there is no problem, provided that the price can accept more expensive, 6, 7 years ago, the price of a barrel of bottled water in between 8-10 yuan, and now the same barrel barrel water retail price of between 25-30 yuan, in order to calculate a family of three, a bucket of water per week, 52 weeks a year, about water about 1,500 yuan a year. However, it all makes sense premise that buying bottled water is healthy and safe. However, the reality is the opposite, and now black-hearted traders everywhere, to drink bottled water fly, it really depends on your character up.

   our drinking water conditions are very difficult, instant happiness index plunged, in fact, this is not really scare you, we are now drinking is the case, but you do not have to be too pessimistic, because in most cases the technology is good, water purifier invention, lets drinking water situation become so bad. In Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, drinking water pipes have been widely achieved, although water quality is much better than China, but still the same as water purifier with TV and fridge, became family necessary facilities.

   A brief summary sentence household water purification: improved water can drink straight; Alternatively bottled water, cheaper and more hygienic. So severe water environment, water purifier so effective solution, as you pretend not installed, do you weigh yourself.

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