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  Water quality determines the difference between north and south install water purifiers different publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2017-10-31 side soil support people, China large, water and soil differences larger northern South. Water quality differences between north and south, generally speaking, tend to be hard water north, south water softer. Soft water or hard, depending on the source of water. In general, rainfall or snowfall areas, water quality soft. The low rainfall, evaporation of the region, water too hard. This is because water vapor is condensed rain, the evaporation process to remove dissolved minerals, this principle can also be applied to desalination, distillation desalination process is used. So plenty of rain in the south, water soft. The little rainfall in northern regions, flows through the surface dissolved minerals, and accompanied by evaporation, increased salinity. But fundamentally, the decision is the source of water, simply use North and South to determine the water quality is unscientific. For example, Harbin ice and snow to melt to water quality in the north is soft; the mountains south of Guiyang, groundwater is more rigid. Also, according to our testing water quality, turbidity, COD, metals and fluorine content, and several other indicators, comprehensive evaluation, the northern citys water these indicators is higher south. Northern city tap water and several other metals and the fluorine content is higher indexes generally Accordingly, the water quality of the city south north, suitable water machine. This feedback from the customer pre-sales advice and after-sales problems can directly reflect a considerable number of customers concerned about whether part of the North can remove scale, heavy metals. Customer south of the small scale of the degree of concern, more concern whether to remove chlorine, organic matter and so on. Northern large temperature difference between summer and winter, more than ten degrees below zero in winter, water purification equipment easily lead to cracking. Hardness particularly large cities, such as some cities and Shandong Zhengzhou, hardness, can reach more than 400, water is too hard, temperature is too low, will cause clogging of the reverse osmosis membrane accelerated. High summer temperatures in the south, can easily lead to activated carbon and membrane filter of bacteria, resulting in the case of stench smell. Customers are advised to frequently wash water purifier. Effect of Pressure on the water purifier is installed is very large to remove water quality and temperature, pressure effects on the water purifier is installed is very large, resulting in a small pressure small water purifier. Problems usually pure water booster pump less, no pump for some machines, the solution can be installed booster pump, or the use of a large flux membrane element, comprising ultrafiltration andReverse osmosis membrane. The water pressure is too large, easily lead to water leakage or damage to the water purifier, you need to install a pressure reducing valve. Situation of the water pressure, the more the city and water supply systems or associated with the house.

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