Three types of inappropriate drinkg water is verymportant to


   The so-called disease from the mouth, bacteria, viruses are through we usually eat and drink into our body, causing a variety of diseases, water is the main carrier of the bacteria. Not suitable for drinking water, what does? Come take a look!




three types of inappropriate drinking water right is very important (Photo from Internet)

   1. Drinking water is not suitable pH

   [ 123] daily drinking water contain a variety of ions and trace elements, and the pH of the water is determined by these ions and trace elements, the PH value is the standard test pH of 7 when the PH value is less than the water, compared with acidic water, PH 7 was greater than alkaline water. Typically pure water are generally weak acidic, weakly acidic long-term drinking water will cause the body lacks minerals ions, alkaline water is not only essential minerals to supplement the body can break down meat and fish, and promote digestion attract. So here we suggest that long-term drinking water machine pure water out of a friend, please add minerals in other ways.

   2. Inappropriate water hardness

   Water hardness is determined by the metal ion water, such as calcium, magnesium and the like, high hard water is water containing metal ions, metal ion-free the water is more soft, hard or soft water is so good is good? water hardness is too high or too low is not good, always drink water with high hardness, it is likely to cause kidney stones, and often drink soft water, you need to add calcium to the body and magnesium. Is generally most suitable for drinking water of a hardness of 8-18 (10 mg of metal ions per liter of water is 1 degree), i.e. a light water hardness.

   3. The temperature of the water is not suitable

   This is especially prominent in the summer, because the weather is hot, we all like drinking ice water, ice water on the stomach actually has a very large stimulus, the stomach is extremely unfavorable. Hot water is also not suitable for drinking. The most suitable is the water we drink warm water, the gastrointestinal absorption of warm water is twice ice water.

   Of course, in addition to the above three points, the correct method of drinking water is very important. For our drinking water health, we must pay attention to Oh!

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