No sign of a few plastic cups boiling water can be loaded



   No sign of a few plastic cups boiling water can be loaded? This question is answered by everyone, we hope to help unlock the hearts of the doubt. Plastic cups boiling water can be loaded




a few numbers signs? Did you know that not all plastic cups can be used to install water, there are numbers inside the plastic cup base of the triangle, those figures represent a plastic cup material, then those numbers tell you a secret.


Lets look at what is the bottom of a plastic cup figures represent;


No. 1 PET: heat to 65 鈩? resistance to cold -20 鈩? hot water can not be recycled installed.


No. 2 HDPE: not recommended to recycle.


No. 3 PVC: best not to buy.


No 4 LDPE: heat resistance is not strong.


No 5 PP: microwave food containers, food container, temperature 120 鈩?


No 6 PS: and heat and cold, but not into the microwave oven.


No. 7: PC other classes, water bottles, cups, bottles.


in the study of more than 7 materials found by Xiao Bian, can hold water is a food grade PP (polypropylene) plastic bottle is the safest materials, equipment can be recycled water, followed by PC material plastic bottles, because it is possible to release bisphenol a, so China from September 1, 2011 for a complete ban on baby food containers, plastic bottles is not prohibited for use in adults; then the case of PET plastic bottles, common such beverage bottles is; I think it should be the last BS plastic bottles (such friable) we call raw rubber in life, and other materials. Small series that can be loaded plastic cups boiling water 5 logo.


about what the safest drinking cups, drinking a small family we will be in the next issue of knowledge for you on, so stay tuned.




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