What is the role of water purifier- which purifibrand is thb


   What is the role of water purifier? which water purifier brand is the best? Due to increased water pollution, water quality in the home of harmful substances more, complex water quality, water plant only traditional techniques difficult to guarantee the safety of drinking water, but the water to go through a long pipeline, will inevitably cause secondary pollution of water, water the chlorine taste, so that people are not used very assured.



   With the improvement of living standards, not the fresh water purifiers household water appliances, and are equipped with many people at home. Development of water purifier and our deteriorating environment, but also on our growing and mutually reinforcing material life requirements. So, the role of water purifier are what it

   1, the role of water purifier:? Improve water

   tap water scale , heavy metals, bacteria and other substances corpse, even after the water boiled, these substances can not be purified. To disinfect water, usually using chlorine, there is some residual chlorine in the water, residual chlorine on the human body great harm, even boil water, chlorine remains.

   2, the role of water purifier: alternative bottled water

   high cost of bottled water is not suitable for ordinary daily household use only suitable a few wealthy families. Bottled water consumption is too high, not suitable for heavy use, and the results are far less water purifier. Water Purifier effectively removes all kinds of contaminants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scales, volatile substances, rust, sediment, etc., and the cost is relatively much lower bottled water runoff, water taste good.

   3, water purifier effect: Alternatively bottled water

   connected to the bottled water dispenser, high cost, short useful life, more susceptible to secondary purification. Bottled water bucket is about 15-30 per month, high cost, and most of this water purifier or a large-sized machining tap water, there is little natural springs. Storage of a bucket of water short, easily contaminated, and the dispenser is in use connected to the development morphology, become contaminated air pollutants.

   the moment, water purifier market is in a preliminary phase transition mature, large and small, there are five brandMore than a thousand, which mixed with a lot of black households, there is no technical support, no standard production lines. Then, water purifier which brand is good? Many consumers become entangled.

   From this starting points, not afraid of the election less than a good product.

   First, pay attention to product logo, regular products, in order to ensure product quality and after-sales. Some counterfeit products quality tests, no after-sale protection, such products can become contaminated buy a home machine.

   Second, careful purification technology products. To purify the product good effect, need to know more about purification technology, is currently the best purification RO reverse osmosis purification technology, is not only good purifying effect, and life is relatively long, the purification technology is the ideal choice.

   Third, after-sales care products. Unlike other water purification products, improve the service requirements to ensure the use of water purifiers and late effects. Therefore, the more crucial after-sales service, do not ignore this, otherwise no end of trouble.

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