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household water purifiers how successful franchise shop? Business is difficult, how successful shop is even more difficult. Generally, in the home water purifier franchise shop before. Will consider market research, how to do a home water purifier in the community and the community needs to pay attention to what does a franchise?




For the initial household water purifiers to join the franchise, neither super store resources, nor some social contacts. No trained Purchasing Guide team. So in the end how to make a good home water purifier franchise marketing community do? Household water purification franchise site selection is very important, what the high-end residential, commercial streets, restaurants and other clothing Street shopping district, seemingly busy, busy but that abortion is not your client. The current water purification industry is still "lead-in period," we need to continue to promote, and promote the best set away, it is the super stores and district and community, assuming that the former has been dismissed out of hand, then the community of choice.


Household water purification franchise shop basic conditions: not less than 2000 community, city water is quite poor rates in upper, front gate to the left and right third of 3 or among the best stores, an area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 300,000 square meters. Marco Polo high-end water purifier does not recommend the start of a large flagship store in the future to invest, to spend a lot of places, stores or to save power. Offline marketing, decoration, display, and so on reopening will no longer say, in the home water purifier franchise community and community shop to note the following six points:.


to do a promotion when do promotions, Jedi do not insulting tap water, bottled water, and colleagues competing products;


two nearby street, neighborhood signs graduating students or laid-off workers entry to the reserve community shop cadres;.

   [123 .] three tent, do community outreach more appropriate after residents after work Monday to Friday, weekend afternoon;.


   four for attracting popularity, can set up shop at the entrance electric Trojans, but also put "tea stalls "free water points;.


   V. Two heads are better, the neighborhood is not what cadres idlers, people in the community are influential;


   six shop easily flashlight difficult. in a cell-store as the center, expanding distribution network in a certain district services ......




   community to promote the shop there are a lot of tricks, such as preparing a high-temperature cleaning machines for residents free clean drinking fountains, water purifiers, trade, science will be organized, net water is free test equipment, new real estate road shows and door publicity, community gathering activities and so on. There are a some things look simple, but often the simple things done well, do not transparent, so meticulous in your business, adhere to in the end.


   household water purification franchise requires shopping guide staff must not only master the general shopping guide skills, but also on the cooked product advantages and selling points, product features, collocation methods, maintenance and other professional knowledge, but also than the customer a better understanding of what their own specifications and style should buy water purification products. In addition, we must learn to master the customers mind, to grasp the trend of the market.


   In fact any want to get a successful home water purifier franchisee needs to be above combination of theory and practice of marketing. You will be able to make a good community marketing a water purifier franchise, but also the key to operate according to their own practice situation. Shopkeepers shop operators to master the method to go through summary, in order to find suitable methods in their own local development. Generally good attention to the above these, in order to obtain considerable success profits and development space in the increasingly competitive home water purifier market franchise.


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