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There is a saying called "choice than to" put water industry applies equally, then how to choose a guaranteed water purifier brand? Here Xiaobian take you into the safe Star water purifier manufacturers. To enable more customers to understand the security of the Star, Star Ann specially invited customers to visit the company production base. So why why Ann Star water purifier to make so much customer satisfaction? Here Xiaobian take you to experience the production of safe water purifier Star trip.


璐ㄩ噺鍐冲畾楂樺害 瀹変箣鏄熷甫浣犲紑鍚噣姘村櫒鐢熶骇涔嬫梾

   An STAR specially developed marketing water purifier manufacturers, large-scale, strength, advanced technology and large scale of production, with a strong competitive strength in the water industry. 4,500 square meters of independent workshop, with independent R & D team, each product is original research and development process; manufacturing and technical personnel 65, complete lines, strict dress code to ensure that each workshop production is clean; has a strict testing team, each product after the installation is complete, we need pressure, pressure, test results and finished the stage so many times the four aspects of quality control to ensure that each product qualified for sale; the introduction of automatic packaging equipment, no hands packaging, faster and more secure; and all accessories, materials, parts, and are based on food grade, non-toxic, so rest assured that you are using, with satisfaction. Here follow the small series the footsteps of a look at security STAR experiment, testing production scene it!


璐ㄩ噺鍐冲畾楂樺害 瀹変箣鏄熷甫浣犲紑鍚噣姘村櫒鐢熶骇涔嬫梾

   An Star has several warehouses, provide different products for different sales channels, and has a perfect picking delivery team, employees detailed division of labor, penetrated into every detail of the staff, their duties and do their jobs. Including packaged water purification products, play a single, shipping, shipping processes and so on. Sub-warehouse stocking, packing in advance, reducing transit, shipping spare no effort to deliver services more its capability to ensure the accuracy of each order to quickly reach the hands of customers. And relying on high-speed, efficient three logistics team, the product of the radiation from Shenzhen, production and sales base, served thousands of families. Lets look at the scene of the warehouse and shipping it together with the small series!


璐ㄩ噺鍐冲畾楂樺害 瀹変箣鏄熷甫浣犲紑鍚噣姘村櫒鐢熶骇涔嬫梾

   just a lot of water purifier brand sales, small repairs, less professional after-sales service center, However, Anzhi star has a professional after-sales service team, whether it is the product of any problems, as long as the warranty period and warranty coverage, you can enjoy the unconditional service, really make you enjoy worry-free sale, underFace Xiaobian look at our maintenance team now.

   quality determines the height, thats top ten brands of water purifiers Star plant and production safety situation, what are you waiting? Now is April, will soon usher in water purifier sales season, security net star water front to manufacturers nationwide Recruitment agents blank area, Jibukeshi or never, hand Anzhi star, your dreams of wealth is in hand.

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