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  What is the Central Water Purifier - take you to understand the role of the central water purifier Published: at 11:21 on October 13, 2017 Hits: 38 With water purifier gradually into millions of households, many people are beginning to understand What is a water purifier, but many people do not understand what a central water, central water purifier in the end what kind of role? Central Water Purifier is what is a large central water purifier home water treatment equipment, originated in 1832, the British founder Barney Australia invention, suitable for whole house water purification center, the core technology is mainly microfiltration ( PP cotton fibers and activated carbon), ultrafiltration (hollow fiber), KDF, ACF, ceramic filters and the like. It can effectively filter harmful substances in tap water, central water treatment equipment to meet the drinking water needs of a large flux. It can not only effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, antibacterial and scale, while improving the taste, color removal and deodorization. 1. The role of the central water purifier of household water disposal and management of the central water purifier can be processed for domestic use, for the different needs of home drinking water and domestic water, these two types of water classification process, the prefilter central to the whole house water purifier for filtering preliminary water, sediment was filtered off, rust and other impurities in large particles, after which purify drinking drink straight through, processed by the domestic water softener, the water thus purified than good to meet the different needs of drinking water and domestic water. 2. The filtered clean and healthy drinking water central water machine can provide consumers with a healthy and clean drinking water, which is a pre-filter a first channel for the whole house water coarse filtration device, typically installed in the home water meter after filtered tap water sediment, rust, large particulate matter. And a rear end connected to the central water purifier pre-filter, which uses activated carbon adsorption and the KDF remove residual chlorine in tap water, colloids and other impurities have been filtered by the central water purifier to drinking water standards, but not suitable for direct consumption, preferably boiled for drinking, while the rear end is connected to the central water purifier, drink straight purified water can be used to drink, coffee, tea, soup and the like. Through the above description of the central water purifier knowledge, we should have a preliminary understanding of the central water purifier, we hope to help purchase a water purifier for everyone. A lower

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